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 16414 views Easy Actions Equal in Reward to Hajj

Muslim reported that the Prophet (p.b.u.h.) said, "…Hasn't Allah made for you Salat Al-Ishaa in congregation equal to Hajj, and the Fajr prayer in congregation equal to Umrah?"

"Whoever walks to an obligatory prayer in congregation, it is like Hajj, and whoever walks to a voluntary prayer, it is like a voluntary Umrah." (Sahih Al Jami 6432)

"Whoever prays Fajr in congregation, then sits remembering Allah until the sun rises, then prays two units of prayer, he will receive the reward of Hajj, and Umrah - complete, complete, complete." (Sahih Al Jami 6222)

It is authentically reported that people said, "O Messenger of Allah! The rich took the reward of Akhirah, they do Hajj and we do not; they engage in jihad, and we do not. So the Prophet (p.b.u.h.), said, 'Shall I not guide you to something that, if you stick to it, you will come with what is better than what one of them will come with: that you say Allahu Akbar 34 times, and Subhan Allah 33 times, and Alhamdulillah 33 times, at the end of every prayer.'"

"When one prays for one's brother, the angel says: Amin, and for you the same." (Sahih Al Jami 2143) So pray for your brother pilgrim that Allah accepts his Hajj and gives him its reward.


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