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 18077 views Signs of the Hypocrites

  1. Falsehood and Lying
  2. Treachery
  3. Showing insolence and licentiousness in argumentation
  4. Breaking one's promise
  5. Laziness in worship
  6. Showing off
  7. Lack of remembrance of Allah
  8. Hastiness in prayer
  9. Slandering those who give themselves freely to good deeds from among the believers and the righteous
  10. Mocking the Quran, the Sunnah and the Messenger (p.b.u.h.)
  11. The protective oath
  12. Disliking to spend for the sake of Allah
  13. Desertion and abandonment of the Muslims
  14. Originating false rumors and causing sedition
  15. Finding fault with Allah's decree
  16. Bringing down the honor of the righteous
  17. Remaining away from the congregational prayer
  18. Causing mischief while claiming to establish peace
  19. Outward behavior contradicting what is in the heart
  20. Fear of unpleasant events, incidents and happenings
  21. False excuses
  22. Commanding the evil and preventing the good
  23. Tying one's hands back out of stinginess
  24. Forgetting Allah
  25. Denial of the promise of Allah and His Messenger
  26. Concern for the outward appearance and neglect of the inner condition
  27. Eloquence, long-winded speech, boasting and bragging
  28. Lack of understanding of the religion
  29. Not sinning in front of the people (due to fear of them) but showing boldness to Allah by committing sins in secrecy
  30. Rejoicing at the affliction of the believers with a calamity and being saddened at their being touched by joy and pleasure

By: Shaykh `Aa'id Abdullah al-Qarnee

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