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The Mosque of Mogadishu, Somalia
Kutubiyya Mosque, Marrakesh, Morroco (Twelfth Century)Minaret, Almohad period
DjinguereBer Mosque, Timbuktu (14th Century)Minaret, Songhay period
Beni-Isguen, AlgeriaMinaret, a village mosque in the Mzab Saharan style.
The Mosque of Al-Hakim, Cairo (990-1013)This building of the Fatimid Period having two extraordinary stone minarets. The style of the arcades is based mainly on that of the Mosque of Ibn Tulun.
The Mausoleum of Qaitbay, Cairo (1472-4)Carved and sculptured dome.
The Qarawiyyin Mosque, Fez , Morroco (859)The original building was inserted into the existing urban fabric and was surrounded by a celebrated university.
The Qarawiyyin Mosque, Fez , Morroco (859)This mosque is notable for its green-tiled roof. Adjacent to the large prayer-hall is a narrow rectangular colonnaded courtyard with two pavilions connected by a water channel.
Masjid Omar Ibn Al-Khattab, Los Angeles, California, USAn Ramadan of 1414 Hijri, Masjid Omar formally opened its doors. It was the culmination of over fifteen years of work by hundreds of volunteers to establish the masjid. The land for Masjid Omar was bequeathed by an old woman in 1398 Hijri (1977 CE) who desired to help the cause of Islam. Her donation was followed in turn by donations from untold numbers of benefactors to build the masjid on the land. The masjid is a symbol of the rise of Islam in Los Angeles.
Mosque in New Mexico, USA
Mosque in New Mexico, USA
Islamic Center of Yuba City, California, USA
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