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الباحث الإسلامي أوقات الصلاة لـ 6 مليون مدينة في العالم تنزيل برنامج الأذان دليل للمواقع الإسلامية يعرض مواقع عن الإسلام، القرآن، الحديث، الفقه والفتاوى، المرأة المسلمة، التعليم.. الخ. قائمة المقالات  التقويم الهجري معرض الصور الإسلامية
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St. kitts and Nevis Islamic Society
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St. kitts and Nevis Islamic Society
Bath Village, Nevis, West Indies,
Bath Village, Nevis , SAINT KITTS NEVIS
البريد الإليكتروني
عنوان الموقع:
الموقع: For the Arrivals.

When visiting the island, most likely
(1) you will be comming through the island of st. kitts, if so, you will need to take a boat across the ocean, about a 20min to an 1hr driving depending on which boat you take across to Nevis.
(2) If not you will be taken to the Nevis Airport directly. from there you can take a taxi and let them take you straight to the town of Charlestown( the main town where the pier is located).

in direction 1, when you reach nevis and in direction 2, ask the taxi to take you to bath village. when entering bath village from the Gas Sation end, go straight. in 2 min or so, you will meet an intersection, turn left and go up the road. follow that same road( drive on its twist and turns). someone is to look on their left after passing an intersectoin road on the same left. until you see a white building with the sign of the organization. Visit the website for a picture on what it looks like
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