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Anjuman Engineering College(ForMen), Bhatkal
آخر تحديث: 2005-07-28  
Anjuman Engineering College(ForMen), Bhatkal
Anjuman Abad, P.O.Box NO.24, Bhatkal,
BHATKAL, Karnataka 581320, INDIA
البريد الإليكتروني
عنوان الموقع:
الموقع: The college is situated in a small town called Bhatkal in North Canara (Uttara Kannada ) District of Karnataka State. The place is on the National Highway 17. This is about 150 km away from Mangalore, about 3-4 hours by road when you are coming from the south and 250 km, about 5-6 hours by road from Goa if you come from the north. NH 17 is a main route for all the buses which ply between Bombay and southern parts of the country, especially to Mangalore, Kerala etc.
معلومات عامة: Now Bhatkal is connected to the rest of the country by railway, you guess..... Yes the much talked famous Konkan Rail corridor passes through Bhatkal. College is on top a hill with a pretty good scenic back ground. The Sahyadri is on one side and the Arabian Sea is on the other side. This is a very rare opportunity for you to see where Sahyadri Mountains meet the Arabian Sea.
The college has gained wide recognition for quality engineering education attracting students from all over the country. This mini India imparts Six engineering courses of degree level, of which three (i) Civil, (ii) Electrical and Electronics, and (iii) Mechanical Engineering courses are accreditated by the National Board of Accreditation of All India Council of Technical Education. The proposal for accreditation of the remaining three courses (a) Electronics and Communication, (b) Computer Science and Engineering and (c) Information Science and Engineering are being framed for submission to the National Board of Accreditation.
الأنشطة العامة:This is one of the very few colleges in India, whose Principal hold Doctorate in Engineering. Unlike the Engineering Colleges in Urban areas, who mostly have part time lecturers, this College has full time faculty inspite of being in the rural area of one of the districts, which are classified by the Planning Commission of India as “ most backward”.
The Government of Karnataka has classified this College as a Muslim Minority Educational Institution and it therefore enjoys the safeguards provided by Article 30 of the constitution of India. Beside the Gulf countries, its Alumni have reached United Kingdom and United States of America.
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