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Al-Mu'minaat Organization
Last Updated: 2014-09-16  
Al-Mu'minaat Organization
1,Thanni Olodo st,off Ikorodu road Jibowu,
Lagos, , NIGERIA
Phone: 234-8033213728,
Directions: From any major park/garage take abus to Yaba/ ketu mile 12 alight at Jibowu bus stop ,then locate the secretariat
General Information: Background
Al-Mu’minaat (The Believing Women Organization) is a non-profit and non-governmental faith based organization established on October 1, 1995 basically to raise and sustain the religious, economic and socio-political awareness of Muslim women across the country.

The organization felt a serious concern for the progressive decline in the position of Muslim women religiously, economically, politically and socially. It was the concern of the organization that a wrong perception and misunderstanding of Islam among a number of Muslim men and women have contributed in no small measure to the lowly position of Muslim women and the embarrassing educational level of Muslim girls.

The fate of Muslim women has rather been pathetic. They are not only educationally backward, but they are also economically and socially deprived. That is even apart from the fact they are religiously ignorant. All these factors have pathetically conspired against the Muslim women and therefore denied them of their rights as citizens. They have also constrained them in discharging their appropriate socio-religious obligations.

To Empower Muslim women to build a strong Muslim Ummah for sustainable national development through education, welfare and self actualization.

Our vision is to be primos inter-peres among all Muslim women organizations in the country using the most advanced technology in building Muslim women who are not only religiously conscious but also economically, socially and politically comparable to any other self actualized woman in any part of the globe.

Target Audience
Our target audience are Muslim women and children, particularly those who have attained puberty. Al-Mu’minaat aims at focusing these categories of women knowing fully well that they constitute the superstructure or the foundation upon which the progress and development of every society depends. It is the belief of Al-Mu’minaat that if these people are fully empowered religiously, economically, socially and politically, the various social maladies in the society will become a thing of the past.

1 To disseminate undistorted knowledge of Islam among womenfolk
2 To provide education that takes care of the need and mission of Muslim women
3 To educate Muslim women about their political, economic and socio-cultural rights as enshrined in the Nigerian constitution and international human rights instruments.
4 To safeguard and promote Islamic cultural heritage
5 To provide a common front for Muslim women
6 To encourage the teaching and learning of the Quran.

Structure and Departments
Structurally, Al-Mu’minaat operates at four distinct levels and these are National, State, Local Government and Branch, which is the smallest administrative unit within the organization. On the other hand, departments within the organization includes Administrative department, Cultural Office, Dawah Office, Project and Resources Department, Education Department, Business Office and of recent Social Advocacy Project. This office, unlike others, is supported by both full time staff and volunteers. Basically, it activities include the followings:

The activities of Al-Mu’minaat Social Advocacy Project(SAP)
The main activities of the organisation are:
• Empowering in particular the Muslim women of all cadres and engaging in advocacy that seeks to enlighten and empower the Nigeria populace in general
• Promoting mutual understanding and respect among all major religions and working closely with other women associations around the world with a view to improving the condition of the generality of women.
• Providing information that seeks to enlighten the general populace on the position of women in Islam.
• Providing legal assistance to Muslim women who suffer one or the other deprivation whether religiously, socially or economically
• Identifying humanitarian needs of Muslim women and seeking ways of raising and administering funds to meet their needs.
• Organising programmes that create awareness on the roles and rightful position of Muslim women in the society.
• Setting up a resource center for Muslim Women and the general public researching into matters relating to women in Islam.
• Publication of specialized reports to promote awareness of Muslim women of reckon and achievements in their chosen fields

Al-Mu’minaat’s methods include the development and administration of conferences, seminars, vocational trainings, and workshops for Muslim women of all cadres be they journalists, writers, students, lawyers, academics or market women. It also organizes camping programmes as well weekly Islamic education in addition to its humanitarian activities.

The organization publishes newsletters and other specialized reports aimed at sensitizing the public in general but Muslim women in particular about their rights and religious obligations. These documents are used as advocacy tools to campaign for change among Muslim women and also encourage government to change its policies and improve the condition of Muslim women. Al-Mu’minaat also institutes public impact litigation to promote the cause of Muslim Women. In addition, it files court actions challenging any one who either deliberately or inadvertently abridge the right of Muslim women. It mediates on conjugal matters and represents in courts women who suffer one or the other deprivation in their matrimonial homes.

General Activities:We operate at National ,State, local and branch levels . Our programmes include weelky tarbiyya in over seventy centers in Lagos alone, monthly activities such as vocational training, mosque cleaning, id get togethers and various projects like arabic classes kindergarten classes, and adult educations.
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