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Al-Furqan Hifz School
Last Updated: 2008-11-09  
Al-Furqan Hifz School
4430 St. James Street,
Detroit, MI 48210, USA
Phone: 313-548- 4464
Fax: (313)216-1984
Directions: School is located on St. James st. (off of Michigan Avenue, just 1/2 mile east of Wyoming avenue) in the city of Detroit. It is in close proximity to city of Dearborn.
General Information: Full time Quran Hifz School coordinated by the MAS Quran Institute. Weekend and after school program is also available.
General Activities:1. Al-Furqan Hifz School
Ages: Boys (7 – 12), Girls (7 – 14)

2. Weekend Program
Time: Saturday & Sunday 10:15 am – 2:00 am (15 minutes Assembly & morning Azkar, 45 min. Qur’an, 45 min. Arabic, 45 min Islamic studies, 20 min lunch, 45 min gym & fun. The Zuhr prayer is to be observed before dismissal).
Ages: 5 years and up

3. After school Program
Get your children connected to their roots by practicing the Qur’an, learning Arabic and Islamic studies in the After school Program. The program is 3 days a week, 2 and half hours each day starting at 4:30 pm.
Time: Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday
Ages: 5 years and up
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