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  • Islamic Finance Fiqh English - The Textual Sources of Islamic Law, Legal Theory & Interpretation, Outlines of Islamic Jurisprudence, Theories of Islamic Law: The Methodology of Ijtihad, Islamic Law of Business Organizations, Criminal Law & Torts, and more.
    (Added: 01-04-2004, Hits: 3990, Rating: 1.20, Votes: 56, Reviews: 0)     Reviews Rate It     Error

  • Islamic Finance Net English - Offers Certified Islamic Banker (CeIB), Certified Islamic Insurance Professional (CeIIP), Certified Islamic Investment Analyst (CeIIA), researchers' directory, scholars' database, seminars and conferences, Islamic banks directory, finance summits, events, discussion forum, currency converter, Islamic library, advisors, links to other sites and Islamic banks, and more.
    (Added: 09-15-2002, Hits: 1708, Rating: 1.31, Votes: 33, Reviews: 0)     Reviews Rate It     Error

  • Islamic Jewellery World English - Islamic store, offering a wide range of Islamic essentials and gifts, including jewellery, bookstands, perfumes, clothing, food and health, decorations and more.
    (Added: 07-18-2004, Hits: 2956, Rating: 1.35, Votes: 30, Reviews: 0)     Reviews Rate It     Error

  • Islamic Learning Center and Shopping English - Islamic Learning Center. An Islamic site dedicated to the teaching of Islam and Islam related subjects for Muslims and Non Muslims. We also sell Islamic books, CD's and other unique Islamic themed gifts!
    (Added: 12-29-2007, Hits: 3365, Rating: 1.35, Votes: 29, Reviews: 0)     Reviews Rate It     Error

  • Islamic Outifitters English - Islamic Outifitters offers modest islamic clothing for women including cotton and rayon shirts and kurtas, jackets and outerwear, modest tunics and pashmina shawls.
    (Added: 04-24-2007, Hits: 18226, Rating: 1.35, Votes: 29, Reviews: 0)     Reviews Rate It     Error

  • Islamic Propagation Centre International (Canada) English - Sells audio/video tapes by some internationally acclaimed speakers such as Imam Yusuf Hamza, Dr. Zakir Naik, Ahmad Deedat, Jamal Badawi, Yusuf Islam, Abdullah Hakim Quick and more on various topics, a wide selection of Quranic recordings on CDs and audio cassettes, perfumes, Hijabs, Abayahs, Eid cards and greeting cards. It also offers FAQs about Islam.
    (Added: 06-09-2003, Hits: 7406, Rating: 1.31, Votes: 39, Reviews: 0)     Reviews Rate It     Error

  • Islamic Wealth Management English - A global Shariah-compliant wealth management firm dedicated to providing competent and innovative investment opportunities.
    (Added: 05-19-2003, Hits: 886, Rating: 1.35, Votes: 27, Reviews: 0)     Reviews Rate It     Error

  • Islamic-American Zakat Foundation English - The Islamic-American Zakat Foundation, a tax-exempt religious and charitable organization, provides assistance for food, shelter, clothing and transportation for the poor and needy, orphans, wayfarers, and other persons and needs deserving of charity under Islamic law by assessing, collecting and distributing obligatory and voluntary charity called zakat and Sadaqah.
    (Added: 12-31-2003, Hits: 6253, Rating: 1.32, Votes: 47, Reviews: 0)     Reviews Rate It     Error

  • English - reference sources and other economic information, including links, glossaries and more.
    (Added: 12-09-2003, Hits: 1708, Rating: 1.35, Votes: 29, Reviews: 0)     Reviews Rate It     Error

  • Jelbab.Com English - Sells Islamic Jelbabs, Abayas, Thoubs, Hijabs, Al Ameera's Hijab, Prayer clothes,and more.
    (Added: 12-26-2004, Hits: 4781, Rating: 1.22, Votes: 41, Reviews: 0)     Reviews Rate It     Error

  • jilbabhijab online English - Sells various types of Jilbabs, Abayas, Hijabs, and more.
    (Added: 04-30-2004, Hits: 4300, Rating: 1.16, Votes: 37, Reviews: 0)     Reviews Rate It     Error

  • Jordan Islamic Bank (Arabic / English) - Practices financing, banking and investment activities in compliance with the provisions of the glorious Islamic Shari'a in accordance with the Special Law according to which the bank was established.
    (Added: 12-09-2003, Hits: 3776, Rating: 1.35, Votes: 35, Reviews: 1)     Reviews Rate It     Error

  • Kuwait Finance House (Arabic / English) - Islamic financial institution that aims at applying Islamic principles in its transactions both locally and internationally.
    (Added: 12-09-2003, Hits: 1844, Rating: 1.35, Votes: 27, Reviews: 0)     Reviews Rate It     Error

  • Arabic - Supports activities related to car rentals and property dealings. It also offers articles on the prohibition of interest in all religions.
    (Added: 10-14-2004, Hits: 5909, Rating: 1.21, Votes: 59, Reviews: 0)     Reviews Rate It     Error

  • Mamlkah Real Estate and Investment Arabic - Villas, land, trade and investment.
    (Added: 02-05-2005, Hits: 5387, Rating: 1.35, Votes: 46, Reviews: 0)     Reviews Rate It     Error

  • Arabic - Islamic products on various topics such as Islamic manners and purification, Anasheed (islamic songs), Muslim family, the Holy Quran, Hadith, supplications, Islamic faith, worship, arts, literature, contemporary issues, and more.
    (Added: 02-28-2005, Hits: 12260, Rating: 1.22, Votes: 52, Reviews: 0)     Reviews Rate It     Error

  • Maryams Boutique English - Sells Islamic Accessories, Hijabs, Home Decorations, Indian Silk Sarees, Men's Clothing, Headwear, Prayer Rugs, Gloves, and many more.
    (Added: 10-11-2004, Hits: 10799, Rating: 1.31, Votes: 42, Reviews: 0)     Reviews Rate It     Error

  • Mashora Arabic - Contains consultancy in the area of Islamic financial transactions.
    (Added: 09-26-2007, Hits: 25955, Rating: 1.35, Votes: 45, Reviews: 0)     Reviews Rate It     Error

  • Meezan Bank English - Meezan Bank is Pakistan's first Islamic commercial bank, and it operates strictly under the principles of Islamic Shariah.
    (Added: 03-22-2004, Hits: 3479, Rating: 1.23, Votes: 36, Reviews: 0)     Reviews Rate It     Error

  • Modesty Catalog English - Islamic clothing for men, women, children (Hijab, Jilbab, Moroccan dress, Shalwar Kameez, tailored Jilbabs,) and more.
    (Added: 04-04-2005, Hits: 6522, Rating: 1.23, Votes: 47, Reviews: 0)     Reviews Rate It     Error

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