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  • Quran Recitation for Mobile Phones pick English - Listen the Quran recitation in your Mobile Phones. Quran recitation by Abdul Rahman Alsudais and Su'ud As-Shuraim.

    ( Added : 01-07-2006 , Hits : 90291 , Rating : 1.34 , Votes : 261 , Reviews : 0 )     Reviews Rate It     Error

  • Al Moslem Arabic - Islamic site offers Quran downloads. It also offers Islamic software.
    (Added: 04-30-2008, Hits: 82749, Rating: 1.34, Votes: 126, Reviews: 0)     Reviews Rate It     Error

  • English - Offers the complete translation of the Holy Quran in Urdu with Ayah, Surah and chapter search, a collection of the ahadith in Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Sunan Abu Dawud, and Malik's Muwatta along with search, downloads of the Holy Quran with Urdu and several English translations, and Ahadith in Enlglish.
    (Added: 07-21-2003, Hits: 11862, Rating: 1.35, Votes: 32, Reviews: 0)     Reviews Rate It     Error

  • Darulqiratalbasitia (Arabic / English) - Darulqiratalbasita,Tawheed voice of Ustazul Qurra Maulana Qari Mohammed ali khan.
    (Added: 07-04-2007, Hits: 18737, Rating: 1.35, Votes: 38, Reviews: 0)     Reviews Rate It     Error

  • Quran in Urdu and English English - Complete translation of the Holy Quran in English and Urdu , Surah and page search. It also offers Hadith books along with Quran and Hadith downloads.
    (Added: 05-12-2004, Hits: 15890, Rating: 1.27, Votes: 36, Reviews: 0)     Reviews Rate It     Error

  • Quran PDA English - Arabic English Urdu Text and Audio Quran for PC Pocket PC, iPod and iPhone.
    (Added: 07-20-2007, Hits: 20834, Rating: 1.35, Votes: 35, Reviews: 0)     Reviews Rate It     Error

  • Quran-e-majid English - Quran Auto Reciter software (FREE) is used to listen to the Glorious Quran automatically at a specific time. ,Listen to Quran audio and download Quranmp3 .
    (Added: 07-04-2007, Hits: 24221, Rating: 1.35, Votes: 37, Reviews: 0)     Reviews Rate It     Error

  • Tajweed Quran (Arabic / English) - A distinguished site, facilitating the right learning way of the Noble Quran reading through the actual applied to the color-coding idea inside it by offering Tajweed rules, interactive test, aid learning, transliteration, downloads, and more in English, Arabic and French.
    (Added: 07-15-2003, Hits: 38775, Rating: 1.33, Votes: 74, Reviews: 0)     Reviews Rate It     Error

  • The Holy Quran with Urdu Translation English - Translation and download of the Holy Quran in Urdu and English.
    (Added: 09-23-2002, Hits: 11204, Rating: 1.24, Votes: 50, Reviews: 0)     Reviews Rate It     Error

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