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  • Ikhwanweb( The Muslim Brotherhood ) pick (Arabic / English) - IKhwanweb is the Muslim Brotherhood's only official English web site,Offers new,articles,Islamic links,Leader Message,Interviews,Online Library,and more.
    ( Added : 06-29-2006 , Hits : 50730 , Rating : 1.23 , Votes : 96 , Reviews : 0 )     Reviews Rate It     Error

  • Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba Pakistan pick English - An Islamic Student Organization working to spread the message of Allah & his Prophet (PBUH) among the students of Pakistan. It is the Most organized and Only one Org which work for true Islam.
    ( Added : 05-28-2003 , Hits : 15576 , Rating : 1.33 , Votes : 80 , Reviews : 0 )     Reviews Rate It     Error

  • pick Arabic - Educational circles, lessons, circles of the Glorious Quran, E-library, and more Islamic publications.
    ( Added : 02-08-2004 , Hits : 11811 , Rating : 1.26 , Votes : 80 , Reviews : 0 )     Reviews Rate It     Error

  • Alfarha Academy Arabic - Islamic academy interested in educating the Muslim Family.
    (Added: 08-22-2009, Hits: 34874, Rating: 1.29, Votes: 71, Reviews: 0)     Reviews Rate It     Error

  • Masjid- e -Usman Bin Affan In Riyadh Arabic - Offering Islamic circles, the Holy Quran, Hadith, Islamic Fiqh, and many more.

    (Added: 10-18-2009, Hits: 34771, Rating: 1.23, Votes: 80, Reviews: 0)     Reviews Rate It     Error

  • Abu Zahra Foundation (UK) English - Classes for children and adults on Arabic, Tajweed, and Hanafi Fiqh.
    (Added: 11-08-2003, Hits: 14160, Rating: 1.30, Votes: 80, Reviews: 0)     Reviews Rate It     Error

  • Arabic - Offers Islamic creed, manners from the Holy Quran and Sunnah of the prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.), the Holy Quran, Hadith, Sirah of the Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.), Islamic Fiqh and history, prayer times, interviews with Islamic propagators, issues of the Islamic Ummah (nation), Islamic books, forum, lessons, Muslim women, and links to Islamic sites.
    (Added: 06-12-2003, Hits: 14484, Rating: 1.30, Votes: 83, Reviews: 0)     Reviews Rate It     Error

  • Afghan Community Islamic Center (San Diego) English - An Islamic Dawah organization offering ,open all day long for five times prayer,Conduct marriage services,Provide Funeral support services,Hold Fast-breaking event and prayers during the month of Ramadan.
    (Added: 07-07-2009, Hits: 35699, Rating: 1.27, Votes: 75, Reviews: 0)     Reviews Rate It     Error

  • Afghan Society for Social Reform and Development Arabic - Islamic society is working for Islam in Afghanistan.
    (Added: 08-12-2008, Hits: 40032, Rating: 1.28, Votes: 80, Reviews: 1)     Reviews Rate It     Error

  • African Development Trust (Arabic / English) - a registered British charity organisation working in Africa to find lasting solutions to poverty and injustice. With many of the causes of poverty global in nature, ADT believes that they can achieve greater impact through their collective efforts.
    (Added: 11-30-2008, Hits: 53187, Rating: 1.35, Votes: 77, Reviews: 0)     Reviews Rate It     Error

  • Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah (Australia) (Arabic / English) - Tapes, lectures, and books by some Muslim scholars such as, Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips, Jamaal al-Din Zarabozo, Ali Al-Timimi, Suhaib Hasan, Abu Muslimah, Rafil Dhafir, Abu Muntasir, Salim Morgan, Wajdi Ghazawi, Ammaar Amonette, on different issues. Also, Quran, general Islamic knowledge, Islamic creed, Muslim sisters, Muslim's character, news, Islamic songs, and more available.
    (Added: 11-21-2003, Hits: 16454, Rating: 1.29, Votes: 76, Reviews: 0)     Reviews Rate It     Error

  • Al Falah Relief Society (Palestine) Arabic - A relief organization founded in 1999 in Palestine, offering Palestinian community social services, taking care of the orphan, helping the needy, health aid, educational services, and more.
    (Added: 05-04-2004, Hits: 11275, Rating: 1.31, Votes: 71, Reviews: 0)     Reviews Rate It     Error

  • Al Huda (German) English - a politically and nationally independent, non-profit union of Muslim women. Also publishes the magazine "HUDA" - an independent forum for dialogue between Muslim women in Germany.
    (Added: 01-05-2003, Hits: 8153, Rating: 1.33, Votes: 64, Reviews: 0)     Reviews Rate It     Error

  • Al Imam Arabic - An Islamic web site offering rulings and manners on Masajid, lessons, researches, articles, sermons, Fatawa, Imam and Mamoom, Athan (Azan) and Athan caller, and more.
    (Added: 07-03-2004, Hits: 7061, Rating: 1.30, Votes: 65, Reviews: 0)     Reviews Rate It     Error

  • Al Ittihad Arabic - Islamic organization in Lebanon aimed at disseminating Islamic knowledge and science.
    (Added: 10-27-2007, Hits: 46101, Rating: 1.35, Votes: 60, Reviews: 0)     Reviews Rate It     Error

  • Al Jamaa Al Adl Wal Ehsan Arabic - a special site dedicated to Al Jamaa Al Adl Wal Ehsan.
    (Added: 08-21-2002, Hits: 5661, Rating: 1.31, Votes: 67, Reviews: 1)     Reviews Rate It     Error

  • Al Tawhid wal Islah Arabic - Islamist organization in Morocco with Islamic activities.
    (Added: 09-24-2007, Hits: 33320, Rating: 1.22, Votes: 66, Reviews: 0)     Reviews Rate It     Error

  • Al- Haramain online Gateway Arabic - Contains the news and activities of the two mosques (Almasjid alharam and almasjid annabawi).
    (Added: 07-24-2008, Hits: 37628, Rating: 1.24, Votes: 62, Reviews: 0)     Reviews Rate It     Error

  • Al-Farooq Masjid (Atlanta, Georgia) English - Offers the following services: Serving the best interest of Islam and needs of Muslim community of metro-Atlanta, Helping the international Muslim community of Atlanta to carry out activities in pursuance of Islam as a complete way of life, Providing a place of worship to carry on religious, educational and other Islamic activities, Making Islamic Dawah, Inviting followers of other religions to Islam, Assisting the Muslim community in all forms of local Islamic needs such as guidance on marriage ceremonies, funeral arrangements and burial services, and more.
    (Added: 05-24-2003, Hits: 6800, Rating: 1.17, Votes: 61, Reviews: 0)     Reviews Rate It     Error

  • Arabic - An Islamist organization in Lebanon with efforts in different areas.
    (Added: 02-09-2007, Hits: 33215, Rating: 1.30, Votes: 57, Reviews: 0)     Reviews Rate It     Error

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