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الباحث الإسلامي أوقات الصلاة لـ 6 مليون مدينة في العالم تنزيل برنامج الأذان دليل للمواقع الإسلامية يعرض مواقع عن الإسلام، القرآن، الحديث، الفقه والفتاوى، المرأة المسلمة، التعليم.. الخ. قائمة المقالات  التقويم الهجري معرض الصور الإسلامية
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Download Mobile Athan Software 2.7            

Mobile Athan software is used to get the accurate prayer times, Qiblah direction and hear automatic Athan (Azan) on every prayer time on your Mobile Phone like Nokia, Sony Erricson, Motorolla, LG, Samsung and lot of other mobile brands.

Mobile Phone Requirements:

- Java Enabled Mobile Phone
- MIDP 2.0 or above
- CLDC 1.1

- List of Supported Mobile Phones

- Screenshots of Mobile Athan Software

- Video of Mobile Athan Software

Installation: After downloading the, please unzip it and you will get Read_Me.txt file having the detail of installation.

GPRS Download: You can also use GPRS to download the Mobile Athan software directly in your Cell phone. Type the following url in your Cell phone web browser:

Features (Mobile Athan Plus $25 *) (Mobile Athan Basic Free)

Click this Button

Click this Button
Prayer Times for more than 25,000 cities in 252 countries.
Hear Automatic Athan (Azan) on every prayer time.
12 and 24 hours prayer times format.
Qiblah direction from True North
Qiblah direction from Sun.
Qiblah Distance fron user selected City.
Sound of Makkah Athan, Short Athan, and Beep
More Athan (Azan) sounds from Madina, Alaqsa, and Egypt.
Select Complete Athan or Small Athan (Allahu Akbar) or Beep for alert.
Gregorian to Hijri date Converter
Hijri to Gregorian date Converter
Display Today Hijri Date
Special Islamic dates
Moon Phases
Set prayer alert for all or some prayer times only.
Volume Control to listen low or high Athan sound.
Adjust Hijri date according to your country.
Add and Customize any city in the world for prayer times.
Minutes Adjustment to make the prayer times 100% accurate according to your Local Masjid (Mosque).
Five famous Calculation Methods and Juristic Method.
Java Enabled Phone
Symbian Phone
Windows Mobile
Cost 25 US$ FREE
Upgrade to New Version in future FREE FREE

Click the above Button

Click the above Button
* By purchasing Mobile Athan Plus 2.7 you support Athan software and development and get reward from Allah for any one who listens to Athan and prays on time. May Allah make it continuous Sadaqah for you. is a non-profit organization.

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