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Islamic Organizations in united kingdom
Add Here     Masjids and Islamic Centers
  Aberdeen Mosque, Aberdeen
  Abington Jame Mosque, Northampton
  Abu Bakar Mosque, Bradford
  ABU BAKER MOSQUE, London Borough Of Ealing
  Abu Bakr Assddiq Masjed/ A branch of Muslim Welfare House, Nottigham
  Abu Bakr Jamia Masjid, Southampton
  Abu Bakr Jamia Mosque and Islamic Centre, Cambridge
  Abu Bakr Masjid & Islamic Centre, Reading
  Abu Bakr Mosque, South Hall
  Abu Bakr Mosque, Lancashire
  Abu Bakr Siddiq Mosque, Cambridgeshire
  Abu Zahra Foundation, Keighley
  ABU-BAKR MOSQUE, Middlesex
  Abu-Bakr Mosque and Community Centre, Middlebrough
  accc trust annoor masjid acton, London Borough Of Ealing
  Acton Muslim Welfare Association, London
  Acton Muslim Welfare Association, London Borough Of Ealing
  AGSB Islamic Society, Altrincham
  Airdrie & Coatbridge Islamic Centre, Lanarkshire
  Aisha mosque & islamic centre, Walsall
  Aisha Mosque and Islamic Centre, Walsall
  Akron Masjid, Cleveland
  Al Ameen Islamic Society and Madrasha, Bradford
  Al Ansaar Musalla, London
  Al Ansaar Musallah, London
  al bilal mosque, Prestwich
  Al Falah Islamic Centre, Manchester
  Al Falah Mosque, Bolton
  Al Farooq Youth Center, Walsall
  Al Fatiha, London
  Al Hira Islamic Centre, Bradford
  Al Huda Caltural Centre & Mosque, London
  Al Jamaat-ul-Muslimin, Northampton
  Al Jamia Darul Quran, Bolton
  Al Jamia Masjid, Ilford, London
  Al Karam Mosque, Buckinghamshire
  Al Khair Mosque, South Yorkshire
  Al Kharafi Islamic Centre, Surrey
  Al Khayr Foundation & Centre, Leicester
  Al Madina, Enfield
  Al Madina Jamia Mosque, Leeds
  Al Madina Jamia Mosque, Oldham
  Al Madina Makka Mosque, West Yorkshire
  Al Madina Mosque, Leeds
  Al Muzzimal Mosque, Wandsworth
  AL QUDS MOSQUE, Brington
  al rahama masjeed, Liverpool Street
  Al Rahman Masjid & Daubhill Muslim Society, Bolton
Add Here     Islamic Organizations and Services
  7th Goodmayes (Al Noor) Scouts, London
  A.A.Website Makers, London
  A1-Madina Publications, West Yorkshire
  Aalami Majlis Tahaffuze Khatme Nabuwwat, London
  Aarons Solicitors, Luton
  Aashyana Housing Association Ltd, Bristol
  Abdullah Quilliam Society, Liverpool
  Aberystwyth Mosque, Aberystwyth
  Abu Bakr Girl's School, Walsall
  ACTE All Cultures Together in Education, Belfast
  Adab Books, Cambridge
  Afghanaid, London
  Ahale Sunnat Islamic Educaiton Cultural Center, Birmingham
  Ahl ul Sunnah Sisters, Luton
  Ahmed Kollyan Trust, London
  al ameen foundation, Birmingham
  Al Amin Educational Trust, East Sussex
  Al Birr Islamic Trust, London
  Al Falah Muslim Association, London
  al Hikma The Peak of Islamic Conferences, Birmingham
  Al Hikmah Centre - Indian Muslim Welfare Society, Batley
  Al Khidmah International Foundation, London
  Al Quran Academy London, London
  Al- Nisa Association, Belfast
  Al-Abbas News Agency, West Midlands
  Al-Akram Trust, Derbyshire
  Al-Alim Centre For Education (A.C.E), Derby
  Al-Almin Trust, Surrey
  Al-Ansaar Welfare & Education, Preston
  Al-Anssar Islamic Information Centre Ltd, London
  Al-Asr Scholastic Research, Heston
  Al-atfaal, Leicester
  Al-Fajr Al-Rabic Mohammed Yahya M Ali, Halesowen
  Al-falah Charitable trust, Hackney
  Al-Furqan Islamic Heritage Foundation, London
  Al-Hassan Education Centre, Leeds
  Al-Hifdh, London
  Al-Iman Society of Northampton, Northampton
  Al-Jamiatul Islamiyah Darul Uloom Boys Secondary, Lancashire
  Al-kawthar wefare trust, London
  Al-Madina Muslim Association, Worcestershire
  Al-Mahad Al-Islami School, Yorkshire
  Al-Manar Centre Trust, South Glamorgan
  Al-Muntada Islamic School, London
  Al-Mustafa Islamic Foundation, Lingfield
  Al-Muttaqiin, Wallington
Add Here     Muslim Owned Businesses
  Al-Tayeb Halal Meat, Bow
  Noor-e-Madina Store, Leyton
  Khyber, Dorsetshire
  The Lebanese Restaurant, London
  Lalbaag Tandoori, London
  Mogul Indian Cuisine, London
  Mogul Palace, London
  Muhib Indian Restaurant, London
  O Hassan, London
  Parvez Indian Takeaway, London
  Alwaha, London
  Asli Zaika, London
  Bengal Balti House, London
  Bombay Express, London
  Capital Kebab, London
  Curry Masters, London
  Curry Paradise, London
  Dacca Tandoori Restaurant, London
  Dawn Of The Raj, London
  Delhi Nehari, London
  Dhaka Biryany Restaurant, London
  Dicle Mangal, London
  East & West Takeway, London
  Fakhreldine, London
  Hafez I, London
  Halal Retaurant, London
  Hot Spot, London
  Khans Tandoori Restaurant, London
  Lahore Karahi, London
  Lal Qila Tandoori, London
  Lancer Of Bengal, London
  Mahmood's Punjabi Restaurant & Takeaway, London
  Maroush I, London
  Maroush II, London
  Maroush III, London
  Maroush IV, London
  Maroush V, London
  Mughal Empire, London
  Nandos (Balham), London
  Nandos (Bayswater), London
  Nandos (Bethnal Green), London
  Nandos (Dalston), London
  Nandos (Stroud Green), London
  Naz Tandoori, London
  New Lahore Restaurant, London
  New Tayyab, London
  Ophim, London
  Ranoush I, London
  Rush Hour Sandwich Bar, London
  Shalamar House Restaurant, London
Add Here     Islamic Schools/Colleges
  Abu Bakr Girls School, Wallsall
  Abu Bakr Girls' School, West Midlands
  Academy Al-Ansaar, Birmingham
  Ad-Deen Primary School, Seven Kings
  Adaab Academy, Sheffield
  Adam Primary School, London
  Afifah High School for Girls, Manchester
  AICE - Association for Islamic Charity, Leeds
  Al Ameen Primary & Nursery School, Birmingham
  Al Ansaar Academy, West Midlands
  Al Birr Islamic School, London
  Al Fitra School, Swindon
  Al Haroon Educational Centre, West Midlands
  Al Hidayah Primary School, London
  Al Ihsan Community College, Leicester
  Al Jeel Aljadeed School, Birmingham
  Al Kalimah Muslim Resource Centre, Luton
  Al Karam Secondary School, Nottingham
  Al Kawthar Academy - Islamic Centre, Leicester
  Al Madina Nursery School Ltd., London
  Al Mahad Al Islami, Sheffield
  Al Manar School, London
  Al Noor Muslim Primary School, London
  Al Zaitoona Arabic School, Kingston
  Al-Akram School, Derby
  Al-Amanah Supplementary School, Hertfordshire
  Al-Amanah Supplementary School, Watford
  Al-Aqsa Primary School, Midlands
  Al-Aqsa Primary School, Markfield
  Al-Aqsa Primary School, Leicestershire
  Al-Aqsa Primary School, Leicester
  Al-Asr Primary School, Blackburn
  Al-Burhan Grammar School, Birmingham
  Al-Burhan Grammar School, West Midlands
  Al-Falaah Pre-School & School, London
  Al-Falah Boys' School, London
  Al-Furqan Community College, West Midlands
  Al-Furqan Community College, Birmingham
  Al-Furqan Community College, Midlands
  Al-Furqan Prepatory School, Dewsbury
  Al-Furqan Primary School, Midlands
  Al-Furqan Primary School, Birmingham
  Al-Furqan Primary School and Community College, West Midlands
  Al-Furqan School, West Midlands
  Al-Furqan School Co.-Ed. Primary/Girls Secondary, Birmingham
  Al-Furqn School, Newcastle Upon Tyne
  Al-Hijra School & College, Midlands
  Al-Hijrah School, Birmingham
  Al-Hijrah School, Midlands
  Al-Hijrah School, West Midlands

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