Streamlining your energy, focus and habits for optimal results
by Hannane Ramdani

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become a more productive version of yourself to get maximum benefit from this ramadan
Learn how to shift from a scarcity mindset to a barakah mindset and set stronger intentions to keep yourself going throughout Ramadan with the same motivation
Understand how your meals, movements and sleep effect your body biologically to learn the importance of having the right daily routine
Practice how to manage you energy levels throughout the day by diving into practical tips such as following the right eating plan, exercise plan and sleep routine
Discover how to manage your focus through specific training drills to stay active even after fasting hours
Build a sustainable Ramadan routine to keep yourself healthy and maintain the right balance in your lifestyle that you can adopt even after Ramadan
What will you get from this Mini Masterclass?
  1. 3 live sessions to manage your energy, focus and time during Ramadan.
  2. Access to a private Slack channel to tackle any of your challenges & questions.
  3. Lifetime access to the recordings and PDF notes to watch at your convenience.
  4. Maximize productivity with regular reminders from The Productive Sister.
Explore What’s INSIDE
  • Discover the importance of Barakah mindset and set your intentions
  • Learn the 4 principles of energy management
  • Practice the 3 pillars of physical energy
  • Understand how to transform your sleep schedule
  • Learn why focus is important in Ramadan
  • How to stay "God focused" in Ramadan
  • Discover ways to avoid distractions with a Taqwa mindset.
  • Using “Focus Resets” to reset your focus when you’re distracted or procrastinating.
  • Focus training drills to get deep work done.
  • Learn why routines are important?
  • 4 key elements of a high performance Ramadan routine
  • Design your Ramadan routine
  • How to overcoming obstacles & challenges
  • Next steps to make your routine sustainable after Ramadan?
STUDENT Testimonials
I've acquired practical tips that I can now incorporate into my everyday routine, extending beyond just Ramadan. I find myself more adept at organizing both my professional and spiritual aspects of life.
Prior to enrolling in the course, I faced challenges in attaining my Ramadan goals, coordinating and planning my activities, and often felt overwhelmed. After completing the course, I am now experiencing my most productive Ramadan since embracing Islam.
The Mini-Masterclass provided immense support in handling sleep, enhancing social productivity, improving focus, disciplining oneself, balancing family commitments, and achieving considerable improvement in the workplace. Alhamdulillah.
Meet Hannane, The
Hannane Ramdani is a Faith-based productivity trainer and the Founder of The Productive Sister. She started learning Faith Based productivity 6 years ago after having gone through several professional burnouts herself. Hannane is a certified trainer in the Barakah Culture Productivity framework. She is coming to Athan Academy to offer a mini Ramadan masterclass to boost your productivity and help you become the best version of yourself.