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48 signs of Qiyamah
This world’s end is approaching. Are you ready for the next one?

Race, discrimination and bigotry in Islam
In today’s world, racism has integrated itself into the core fabric of social structures that govern our modern day societies. Do you know the place of racism in Islam?

4 daily habits that can change your life
Follow these simple tips and you will feel a remarkable change in your everyday productivity and efficiency in your daily tasks.

History of compilation of the Holy Quran
Quran was revealed in bits and pieces in 23 years and was compiled in the form of a book after the death of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Quran | IslamicFinder
All you need to know about "Quran" by IslamicFinder

Famous Mosques Around the World
Mosques are the places where one can pray, meditate and find peace. Let us take you on a tour of some majestic mosques from all around the world.

The Blessed Companions عشرہ مبشرہ
Blessed with Jannah while in dunya is not earned easily. However, these glad tidings were given to ten close companions of Prophet(PBUH).

Being a Muslim in Trump’s America
Presidential elections of 2016 ended in Trump being the next president. However, Muslims have their concerns regarding the new leadership. What will be the fate of minorities in Trump's america?

How can you avoid Riba?
Affairs of the modern world are increasingly dependent on Riba which is forbidden in Islam. Here are a few ways to live an ‘interest-free’ life.

How should you spend your Friday?
Friday has been given importance over other days of the week in Islam. There are certain things that should be done on Friday to get additional reward from Allah. Find out what they are.

How to improve the quality of your Salah
Improving the quality of Salah is as important as offering it on time. Read this post to learn about five easy ways to improve the quality of your Salah.

Things you should know about Ashura
Ashura has immense importance in the history of Islam. From Adam to Husayn, the tenth of Muharram has played an important role in forming Islamic history.

How to find the Qibla direction
Are you offering Salah in the right direction? Get to know the ways for detecting Qibla direction in this post.

Qiyam-ul-layl and its Significance
Want to know how you can get Allah's blessings by practicing Qiyam? Learn about the method and significance of Qiyam here.

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