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How to be a Muslim parent?

Parenting can be a very difficult task especially if you are a Muslim parent trying to incorporate Islamic teachings and values into your child's upbringing.

Beware of Internet Scams!

With scams like the Blue Whale Challenge making rounds, it is high time that this issue be addressed.


Is terrorism permissible in Islam?
With an increase in terrorism all over the world, it is important to address this issue as Islam strongly condemns terrorism and all acts of violence.

Common mistakes made on the Day of Arafah
People from all over the world come to perform pilgrimage, however several mistakes are often made in the performance of the rituals.

Hajj Packing Guide
Leaving for Hajj? Here's a comprehensive guide for your Hajj trip.

Prayer Times In Ashburn
Prayer times today2 Muharram, 1439 Hijri
05:45 AM
06:56 AM
01:03 PM
04:30 PM
07:09 PM
08:22 PM

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