Earlier this year, we launched ‘Community’ feature in our Athan app. The idea behind this new feature was to connect Muslims globally so they can share the information and ask each other whatever they want.

IslamicFinder believes in transparency. We want to bring more value to every Muslim life through our products. This basic feature has helped more than a million Muslims globally to connect and interact with each other. Muslims love sharing their thoughts and asking for help. They also have been sharing great support and love for other Muslims in the world no matter where they live.

Now IslamicFinder team is up-to something new and big. We are launching a brand new feature very soon for Muslims which will not only be beneficial for your Islamic needs but for your lifestyle as well.

What we need from you is 1 more minute to answer the following 4 questions. This will help us understand what you think about our community and how this can help improve your and others lives.