The widely known football player and a sensational heartthrob Cristiano Ronaldo makes the Muslim fans go crazy after greeting them in Arabic during a live Instagram stream.

As he interacted with his fans on the live chat, Ronaldo was requested by some Arab fans to “speak in Arabic”. He said that he did not know the language, though he appeased his Muslim followers by greeting them with a “Salamalaikum”. The video below shows this:

“Speak Arabic? I don’t know how to speak… Salamalaikum.”

Soon after the greeting, hundreds of people started reacting to this gesture and Ronaldo’s salutation took the netizens by storm, especially the Twitterati.

Ronaldo was entitled as the best Portuguese player of all time in 2015, by the Portuguese Football Federation. In 2003, he made his senior debut for Portugal at the age of 18 with over 150 caps, becoming Portugal’s most capped player.

Undoubtedly, his amazing skills on the field are not the only thing people admire about him. There is always one charity or a cause he is supporting and this further adds to his unending appeal.

Ronaldo has a huge fan following worldwide and he surely knows how to win the heart of his fans; trying to connect with fans hailing from numerous countries around the world.