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7 Secrets of Happiness - Islamic Edition
IslamicFinder . December 09, 2021

The seven secrets of happiness, as per Islam.

Is Dream Interpretation Haram in Islam?
IslamicFinder . December 03, 2021

What does Islam say about dream interpretation? Give it a click to know whether the practice is Halal or Haram.

6 Deeds Disliked by Allah (SWT)
IslamicFinder . November 30, 2021

Qur'an teaches us to stay humble and not to act upon deeds disliked by Allah (SWT) to earn His love.

Why should I pray Tahajjud?
IslamicFinder . November 24, 2021

Understand the importance of Tahajjud in Islam

Learning Tawakkul From Our Prophet Ibrahim (AS)
IslamicFinder . November 23, 2021

The life of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) is the best example of how practicing Tawakkul can turn our life around for the best.

The True Meaning of Istikhara
IslamicFinder . November 19, 2021

Understand the meaning and purpose of Istikhara

Remarkable Facts About Hazrat Khadija
IslamicFinder . November 17, 2021

Powerful women who help spread Islam

Significance of charity during Ramadan
Rida Ghaffar . March 18, 2021

Learn how rewarding it is to give your share of charity in Ramadan.

4 Things To Do Upon Hearing the Adhan
Rida Ghaffar . February 18, 2021

Learn about the ways you can earn rewards

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