Do you know how bad the circumstances in Syria have been lately? Storms such as Storm Norma last month brought down rain and snowfall that has affected over 22,000 Syrian refugees in Lebanon! Quite alarming, isn’t it?

Across more than 570 informal refugee camps, families that have already suffered and fled from Syria are now facing further displacement. Their food, blankets, mattresses, and clothes have all been soiled by the floods and storms. These informal camps are completely unequipped to deal with the damage caused by overflowing water and wastewater that puts their refugees at a higher risk for disease. These families have already experienced enough hardship to last a lifetime. 

Take the initiative today to make a difference in their lives! A Canadian Organization, Human Concern International, is currently working for various regions including Syria, to maintain a prominent presence there. The organization aims to Supply the victims with food security, medicinal needs and much more.

You can’t do anything about the reason they are suffering, but you can definitely help them with the basic essentials they need to survive! We encourage you all to contribute towards supporting the people of Syria and help give relief to them. Your help is a big part of making a big change in the world. Your donation can be a lifeline for an Syrian family!

Donate now to Human Concern International and help save an Syrian family! 
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Rida Ghaffar