The islamic economy & lifestyle has gained more and more recognition as more Muslims perceived this lifestyle as their way of life and emphasize it on a daily basis in many aspects of their life.

With this huge local Muslim market, a good trade relation with Islamic countries, and high demands of halal products from non-muslim countries are the opportunities to develop Islamic products and halal lifestyle in Indonesia.

The Muslim Life Festival 2019 is to be held from 30 Aug 2019 to 01 Sep 2019. IslamicFinder is the official Media Partner of the event itself and will contribute to one of the most renowned Muslim-oriented events! The reasons why Halal Businesses are encouraged to participate are as follows:

  • Get your Halal business noticed and expand your network through engagement with prospective trade partners.
  • Explore your products to the Indonesian market and see how their feedbacks.
  • Empower yourself with various forums, seminars, and clinics by industry expert and key players.
  • Special programs such as Creative Business Coaching and Silahturahmi programs that will attract whole visitors to join.

The organizer of this event, PT. LIMA Armada Utama, is a member of the AMARA Group, one of the foremost professional exhibition organisers in Indonesia. The Prospective Exhibitors are as follows:

  • Financial services
  • Fashion
  • Tourism & Travel
  • Food & Beverage
  • Media, Digital, Arts & Design
  • Cosmetics, Personal Care & Pharmaceutical
  • Education
  • Creative Business & Franchise

Moreover, there are more than 50,000 prospective visitors (business and Public). Visitors of numerous sectors will be a part of this festival such as the following:

  • Trade Visitors across the region
  • Producer/distributor of halal products
  • Private sectors that need Islamic Financial assistant
  • Tour & Travel Agent
  • Fashion Brand
  • Application Programs
  • Halal cosmetic &; pharmaceutical ingredients producer/distributor
  • Academic institution
  • Public

Below is the Schedule of the Muslim Life Festival 2019:

On the other hand, Special Features include Islamic Education, Ukhuwah Stage, Creative Business Corner as well as Conference & Business Matching. So, what are you waiting for? Register yourself for this exciting Halal Business event coming your way!

The author

Rida Ghaffar