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Temps de prière dans Algeria


Horaire Prière

Principales villes en Algeria

4 Dhou al-hijja, 1439 Hégirien

Ville Fajr Lever du soleil Dohr Asr Maghrib Isha Qiyam
Algiers 04:48 AM 06:04 AM 12:53 PM 04:38 PM 07:40 PM 08:57 PM 01:44 AM
Annaba 04:29 AM 05:45 AM 12:34 PM 04:19 PM 07:21 PM 08:39 PM 01:25 AM
Béjaïa 04:40 AM 05:56 AM 12:45 PM 04:30 PM 07:32 PM 08:49 PM 01:36 AM
Blida 04:50 AM 06:06 AM 12:54 PM 04:38 PM 07:40 PM 08:57 PM 01:46 AM
Constantine 04:35 AM 05:51 AM 12:39 PM 04:23 PM 07:25 PM 08:42 PM 01:31 AM
Oran 05:06 AM 06:21 AM 01:08 PM 04:51 PM 07:53 PM 09:09 PM 02:01 AM
Sétif 04:41 AM 05:56 AM 12:43 PM 04:28 PM 07:29 PM 08:46 PM 01:37 AM
Skikda 04:33 AM 05:49 AM 12:37 PM 04:23 PM 07:24 PM 08:42 PM 01:30 AM
Tlemcen 05:11 AM 06:25 AM 01:10 PM 04:53 PM 07:54 PM 09:09 PM 02:04 AM
Rahouia 05:00 AM 06:15 AM 01:01 PM 04:45 PM 07:46 PM 09:02 PM 01:54 AM
Alger 04:48 AM 06:04 AM 12:53 PM 04:38 PM 07:40 PM 08:57 PM 01:44 AM
Algiers Bay 04:48 AM 06:04 AM 12:52 PM 04:38 PM 07:39 PM 08:57 PM 01:45 AM
Constantine/Ain el Bey 04:36 AM 05:51 AM 12:39 PM 04:23 PM 07:25 PM 08:42 PM 01:31 AM
Oran Ville 05:06 AM 06:21 AM 01:08 PM 04:51 PM 07:53 PM 09:09 PM 02:01 AM
Algiers Station 04:48 AM 06:04 AM 12:53 PM 04:38 PM 07:40 PM 08:57 PM 01:44 AM
Batna 04:39 AM 05:54 AM 12:40 PM 04:24 PM 07:25 PM 08:41 PM 01:33 AM
M'Sila 04:45 AM 06:00 AM 12:47 PM 04:31 PM 07:32 PM 08:48 PM 01:40 AM
Mostaganem 05:02 AM 06:17 AM 01:04 PM 04:49 PM 07:50 PM 09:06 PM 01:58 AM
Al Jazair 04:48 AM 06:04 AM 12:53 PM 04:38 PM 07:40 PM 08:57 PM 01:44 AM
Tlemcen/Zenata 05:11 AM 06:25 AM 01:11 PM 04:54 PM 07:55 PM 09:10 PM 02:05 AM
El Oued 04:43 AM 05:54 AM 12:37 PM 04:18 PM 07:19 PM 08:32 PM 01:35 AM
Algeria 05:10 AM 06:18 AM 12:53 PM 04:26 PM 07:27 PM 08:36 PM 01:55 AM
Touggourt 04:46 AM 05:58 AM 12:41 PM 04:21 PM 07:22 PM 08:35 PM 01:38 AM
Sidi Bel Abbes 05:08 AM 06:22 AM 01:07 PM 04:51 PM 07:52 PM 09:07 PM 02:02 AM
Hassi Messaoud 04:50 AM 06:00 AM 12:41 PM 04:20 PM 07:20 PM 08:32 PM 01:40 AM
In Amenas 04:44 AM 05:51 AM 12:27 PM 04:01 PM 07:01 PM 08:10 PM 01:29 AM
Hassi R'mel 04:58 AM 06:10 AM 12:52 PM 04:32 PM 07:33 PM 08:46 PM 01:49 AM


Toutes les villes en Algeria

'Ain Mahdi
Wilaya de Laghouat
N:33.7833, E:2.3
3 Marabouts
N:35.305, E:-1.18

N:23.183332, E:5.2

N:25.116667, E:3.7666667
Aad La Macta
N:35.779446, E:-0.1291667
Aanet Tamerna

N:33.483334, E:5.75
N:36.322224, E:2.886111
N:36.25778, E:1.6125
Abada Nemaharh

N:23.333334, E:5.6

N:31.016666, E:-2.7333333

N:20.9, E:5.95

N:22.733334, E:6.016667
N:22.888332, E:4.842222
Abankor Ainellouf

N:24.216667, E:3.2166667
Abankor Ainelloul

N:24.216667, E:3.2166667
Abankor Amel louf

N:24.216667, E:3.2166667
Abankor Amelloul

N:24.216667, E:3.2166667
Abankor i-n- Toukaouine

N:23.866667, E:4.483333
Abankor Rous el Aioun
N:36.25611, E:6.598611
Abankor Tahalame Ar'et

N:23.866667, E:4.8
Abankor Tidoudas

N:23.916666, E:4.85
Abankor-I-n- Tounine

N:24.866667, E:5.4333334

N:34.616665, E:2.8
Abba Bou

N:35.466667, E:-0.3166667

N:36.533333, E:5.05
N:36.310833, E:1.513889

N:34.616665, E:2.8

N:34.616665, E:2.8

N:36.866665, E:4.4
N:36.855835, E:3.8566668
Abd Allah ben Nabi
N:35.80361, E:0.4302778
Abd Allah Djemel
N:36.884167, E:7.53
Abd Allah Jemel
N:36.884167, E:7.53
Abd el Beg

N:36.166668, E:5.233333
Abd el Djebar

N:36.533333, E:3.4666667
Abd el Kader

N:26.85, E:-0.65
Abd el Kader Bel Mekki
N:35.675278, E:0.8313889
Abd el Kader Ben el Mokhtar
N:35.686943, E:2.6652777
Abd el Kader Berramda
N:35.665, E:0.8030556
Abd el Kader M'ta el Khemis

N:35.383335, E:-0.3833333
Abd el Kader Medjedda
N:35.678055, E:0.9052778
Abd el Kader Moula Teouekale

N:36.433334, E:1.2166667
Abd el Kader Mta Khatsa

N:35.483334, E:-0.7833333
Abd el Kader Mta Zenakra

N:35.433334, E:-0.8333333
Abd el Kader Ouled Barhdad
N:35.468334, E:0.4952778
Abd el Kerim
N:36.375, E:3.0375
Abd el Krim
N:36.375, E:3.0375
Abd el Malek Ramdane
N:36.104443, E:0.2786111
Abd el Moumene

N:36.816666, E:4.6666665
Abd el Ouiret Si Ali

N:36.883335, E:3.75
Abd el-Malek Ramdane Plage
N:36.122223, E:0.2647222
Abd er Rahmane

N:36.566666, E:3.4166667
Abd Ou Ben Diane
N:36.22361, E:1.5522223

N:35.716667, E:-0.9666667
Abdallah Ben Mohammed

N:36.15, E:2.2
Abdallah Bou Mediane

N:35.966667, E:2.85
Abdallah Ou Amar

N:36.466667, E:2.3

N:36.116665, E:3.3166666
Abdelmalek Ramdam
N:36.104443, E:0.2786111
Abdelmalek Ramdan
N:36.104443, E:0.2786111

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