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Find Prayer Times and Islamic Places in Jersey

Top cities in Jersey

City Fajr Sunrise Dhuhr Asr Maghrib Isha Qiyam
Saint Helier 03:33 AM 05:35 AM 01:15 PM 05:24 PM 08:54 PM 10:55 PM 01:20 AM

All cities and towns in Jersey

Jersey (general)
N:49.166668, E:-2.2166667
Albert Pier
Jersey (general)
N:49.17889, E:-2.1130557
Anne Port
Jersey (general)
N:49.2, E:-2.0166667
Jersey (general)
N:49.156944, E:-2.0994444
Bailiwick of Jersey
Jersey (general)
N:49.216667, E:-2.1166668
Jersey (general)
N:49.17472, E:-2.135
Banc de Saint Brelade
Jersey (general)
N:49.166943, E:-2.2072222
Banc De Violet
Jersey (general)
N:49.15, E:-2.0333333
Banc Desormes
Jersey (general)
N:49.3125, E:-2.275
Banc du Chateau
Jersey (general)
N:49.191666, E:-1.9833333
Banc Le Fret
Jersey (general)
N:49.165, E:-2.188611
Beach Rock
Jersey (general)
N:49.189724, E:-2.1394444
Beau Port
Jersey (general)
N:49.179443, E:-2.2061112
Jersey (general)
N:49.2, E:-2.1666667
Bel Royal
Jersey (general)
N:49.2, E:-2.15
Belcroute Bay
Jersey (general)
N:49.183334, E:-2.1666667
Belle Hougue Point
Jersey (general)
N:49.25, E:-2.1
Belle Vue
Jersey (general)
N:49.2, E:-2.1833334
Belval Cove
Jersey (general)
N:49.22167, E:-2.0230556
Black Rock
Jersey (general)
N:49.25639, E:-2.2508333
Blanches Banques
Jersey (general)
N:49.183334, E:-2.2
Bonne Nuit Bay
Jersey (general)
N:49.25, E:-2.1166668
Bouilly Port
Jersey (general)
N:49.183334, E:-2.2
Boulay Bay
Jersey (general)
N:49.25, E:-2.0666666
Bouley Bay
Jersey (general)
N:49.25, E:-2.0666666
Brayes Rocks
Jersey (general)
N:49.234444, E:-2.0202777
Cheval Rock
Jersey (general)
N:49.254166, E:-2.113889
Chevel Rock
Jersey (general)
N:49.254166, E:-2.113889
Clump Rock
Jersey (general)
N:49.3125, E:-2.0275
Corbiere Point
Jersey (general)
N:49.183334, E:-2.25
Cormorant Rock
Jersey (general)
N:49.25639, E:-2.1291666
Cotil Point
Jersey (general)
N:49.254444, E:-2.1330557
Coupe Point
Jersey (general)
N:49.233334, E:-2.0333333
Coupe Rock
Jersey (general)
N:49.2325, E:-2.013611
Jersey (general)
N:49.24917, E:-2.1822221
Crabiere Rock
Jersey (general)
N:49.17278, E:-2.106111
Crapaud of the Castle
Jersey (general)
N:49.174168, E:-2.1197221
Crapaud of the Mangeuse
Jersey (general)
N:49.171944, E:-2.1163888
Crete Point
Jersey (general)
N:49.25, E:-2.1166668
Crow Rock
Jersey (general)
N:49.173054, E:-2.1247222
Danger Rock
Jersey (general)
N:49.149445, E:-2.146389
Demie de la Tour
Jersey (general)
N:49.245556, E:-2.0497222
Demie de Pas
Jersey (general)
N:49.15139, E:-2.1008334
Demie Rock
Jersey (general)
N:49.25889, E:-2.121389
Diamond Rock
Jersey (general)
N:49.17, E:-2.1436112
Jersey (general)
N:49.3, E:-2.0333333
Dog's Nest Rock
Jersey (general)
N:49.167778, E:-2.113889
Douet de la Mer
Jersey (general)
N:49.233334, E:-2.0333333
East La Cloche
Jersey (general)
N:49.16528, E:-2.1208334
East Pier
Jersey (general)
N:49.17889, E:-2.115
East Reef
Jersey (general)
N:49.30111, E:-2.1933334
East Rock
Jersey (general)
N:49.16722, E:-2.1191666
Jersey (general)
N:49.3, E:-1.9166667
Ecreviere Bank
Jersey (general)
N:49.275, E:-1.8991667
Elizabeth Castle
Jersey (general)
N:49.176666, E:-2.123889
English Harbour
Jersey (general)
N:49.179443, E:-2.1083333
Jersey (general)
N:49.221943, E:-2.0030556
Fairway Rock
Jersey (general)
N:49.15389, E:-2.13
Fiquet Bay
Jersey (general)
N:49.177223, E:-2.2127779
Flat Rock
Jersey (general)
N:49.160557, E:-2.0922222

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