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Find Prayer Times and Islamic Places in Kuwait

Top cities in Kuwait

City Fajr Sunrise Dhuhr Asr Maghrib Isha Qiyam
Salmiya 03:48 AM 05:01 AM 11:55 AM 03:30 PM 06:47 PM 08:01 PM 12:47 AM
Kuwait City 03:48 AM 05:01 AM 11:55 AM 03:30 PM 06:47 PM 08:02 PM 12:47 AM
Hawalli 03:48 AM 05:01 AM 11:55 AM 03:30 PM 06:47 PM 08:01 PM 12:47 AM
Kuwait 03:49 AM 05:02 AM 11:56 AM 03:31 PM 06:49 PM 08:03 PM 12:49 AM
Al Shamiya 03:49 AM 05:01 AM 11:55 AM 03:30 PM 06:47 PM 08:02 PM 12:47 AM
Al Jahara 03:50 AM 05:03 AM 11:56 AM 03:31 PM 06:49 PM 08:03 PM 12:49 AM

All cities and towns in Kuwait

Al Mahraga
N:29.52861, E:47.853054
Al Mahraqah
N:29.52861, E:47.853054
Al Mamlahah

N:29.36861, E:47.695835
Al Manaqish

N:29.044445, E:47.5675
Al Mangaf

N:29.104445, E:48.139168
Al Manjaf

N:29.096111, E:48.13278
Al Manqaf

N:29.096111, E:48.13278
Al Mansuriyah

N:29.355556, E:47.980556
Al Maqwa`

N:29.166666, E:47.983334
Al Masilah

N:29.261944, E:48.079723
Al Matla`

N:29.394444, E:47.622776
Al Mazara

N:28.983334, E:48.016666
Al Mazarie

N:28.983334, E:48.016666
Al Mazari`

N:28.983334, E:48.016666
Al Ma`adiniyat

N:29.14611, E:47.9025
Al Mijifa

N:29.24639, E:48.075832
Al Mina'

N:29.329721, E:47.93611
Al Mityahah

N:29.25, E:46.983334
Al Mubarakiyah

N:29.317223, E:47.9125
Al Mufarrad

N:29.046667, E:47.240276
Al Muraytibah

N:29.364721, E:47.6525
Al Murqab
N:29.365555, E:47.978054
Al Musannah

N:29.05611, E:47.287224
Al Musannat

N:29.05611, E:47.287224
Al Mussanat

N:29.05611, E:47.287224
Al Mutawwa`iyah

N:29.732222, E:48.08361
Al Mutayli`

N:29.383888, E:47.624443
Al Mutla

N:29.394444, E:47.622776
Al Mutla`

N:29.414444, E:47.678333
Al Mu`aidniyat

N:29.14611, E:47.9025
Al Mu`aydiniyat

N:29.14611, E:47.9025
Al Mu`ayzilah

N:28.943056, E:48.095
Al Mu`ayzilat

N:28.941668, E:48.083332
Al Mu`taridah

N:29.4425, E:47.733055
Al Na'yem

N:29.285278, E:47.229168
Al Nijifa

N:29.24639, E:48.075832
Al Qadisiyah

N:29.3475, E:47.985
Al Qalib

N:28.816668, E:47.816666
Al Qash`aniya

N:29.983334, E:47.816666
Al Qash`aniyah

N:29.983334, E:47.816666
Al Qasur

N:28.966667, E:48.15
Al Qiblah

N:29.373611, E:47.97167
Al Qulay`ah

N:28.865833, E:48.274723
Al Qullah

N:29.4525, E:48.31
Al Qurayn

N:28.77, E:47.973057
Al Qurayn police post

N:28.804167, E:48.03472
Al Qusur

N:28.966667, E:48.15
Al Qusur
N:29.436666, E:48.31861
Al Quwaysat

N:29.383333, E:47.683334
Al Quwaysiri

N:29.333334, E:47.466667
Al Sabahiyah
N:29.652779, E:48.115833
Al Salaibiyak

N:29.253334, E:47.787777
Al Shamiya
Al Asimah
N:29.3472, E:47.9617
Al Shuwaikh

N:29.34361, E:47.94611
Al Sorrah

N:29.283333, E:48.066666
Al Tarfawi

N:29.761944, E:48.03611
Al Ubayriq

N:29.463612, E:46.926666
Al Wafirah

N:28.558332, E:48.043335
Al Wafra'

N:28.558332, E:48.043335
Al Wafrah

N:28.594723, E:47.97028

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