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Prayer Times in Saudi Arabia


Prayer Times

Top Cities in Saudi Arabia

3 Shawwal, 1445 Hijri


All Cities and Towns in Saudi Arabia

Abar al Juwari
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:29.990833, E:41.746944
Abar al Khafi
Al Jawf
N:30.401667, E:41.270557
Abar al Khanaqah
Ar Riyad
N:25.215279, E:45.926666
Abar al Khanfuriyah
N:22.3625, E:41.58861
Abar al Khashabiyah
Ash Sharqiyah
N:25.924168, E:48.893612
Abar al Khasirah
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:27.821945, E:42.138332
Abar al Khurayqat
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:25.703333, E:50.128613
Abar al Khuwadah
Al Hudud ash Shamaliyah
N:30.850834, E:42.20111
Abar al Kudaymah
Ar Riyad
N:25.998611, E:45.514446
Abar al Kuwarah
N:22.416666, E:41.351665
Abar al Kuzaymah
Ar Riyad
N:25.998611, E:45.514446
Abar al Lahabah
Ash Sharqiyah
N:27.248888, E:46.978333
Abar al Lijijah
N:22.656666, E:40.6275
Abar al Luwayziyah
Al Hudud ash Shamaliyah
N:31.25361, E:41.339443
Abar al Mab`uth
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:22.150833, E:51.760277
Abar al Magharah
Ash Sharqiyah
N:27.930834, E:48.698334
Abar al Mahdathah
N:21.873056, E:40.695557
Abar al Malihah
Ash Sharqiyah
N:25.94861, E:48.933334
Abar al Manquri
Al Hudud ash Shamaliyah
N:30.37111, E:41.57139
Abar al Masawri
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:29.876389, E:41.761665
Abar al Matawi
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:30.388332, E:40.144444
Abar al Mazbur
Al Jawf
N:30.369167, E:41.21722
Abar al Ma`ada
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:27.899166, E:45.316387
Abar al Mindassah
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:29.852777, E:42.30528
Abar al Mislah
N:22.490833, E:40.743057
Abar al Muhayniyah
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:28.485556, E:44.268612
Abar al Mulayhah
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:26.411388, E:49.483612
Abar al Mulayhah al Gharbiyah
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:22.895, E:49.4875
Abar al Mulayhimiyah
N:22.90639, E:41.679165
Abar al Munkasim
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:29.86389, E:41.766388
Abar al Murayr
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:27.350834, E:40.45028
Abar al Murayr
Ash Sharqiyah
N:27.849722, E:48.825832
Abar al Murtajjah
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:26.505556, E:49.546944
Abar al Musaylib
Ar Riyad
N:25.877777, E:45.585835
Abar al Mutaywi
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:26.385, E:42.61861
Abar al Muwayh
N:22.746944, E:41.579445
Abar al Muwayhiyah
N:22.71889, E:41.564445
Abar al Qarah
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:25.435, E:50.253887
Abar al Qarrashiyah
Ar Riyad
N:26.020277, E:45.6525
Abar al Qasab
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:22.76361, E:49.210556
Abar al Qat`iyah
Al Hudud ash Shamaliyah
N:31.295279, E:41.38111
Abar al Qi`riyah
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:25.584723, E:42.65333
Abar al Quwaydi
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:25.791666, E:42.212223
Abar al Utruhah
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:25.243334, E:42.80528
Abar al Waziriyah
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:21.45, E:39.266666
Abar al Wuqayb
Ash Sharqiyah
N:27.300833, E:49.22889
Abar al Wuquba
Al Hudud ash Shamaliyah
N:28.77, E:45.515
Abar al `Abd
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:27.443056, E:41.240276
Abar al `Asla'
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:25.31611, E:49.83889
Abar al `Ishiri
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:26.600834, E:49.56167
Abar al `Izamiyat
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:25.161945, E:42.921112
Abar al `Uj
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:22.7375, E:49.023056
Abar al `Unquriyah
Ash Sharqiyah
N:24.629168, E:50.70139
Abar al `Urayniyah
Ar Riyad
N:25.1875, E:45.843056
Abar al `Ushayyir
Ash Sharqiyah
N:24.762777, E:50.666668
Abar al `Uwayja'
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:22.343056, E:50.391666
Abar al `Uyaynah
Ar Riyad
N:24.006945, E:46.375
Abar an Naqirah
Ash Sharqiyah
N:27.878056, E:48.260834
Abar an Nazim
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:26.889444, E:48.21389
Abar an Nijibah
Ash Sharqiyah
N:25.977222, E:48.796944

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