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Turks and Caicos Islands

Top cities in Turks and Caicos Islands

City Fajr Sunrise Dhuhr Asr Maghrib Isha Qiyam
Cockburn Town 05:14 AM 06:18 AM 12:43 PM 04:06 PM 07:08 PM 08:12 PM 01:52 AM
Blue Hills Settlements 05:18 AM 06:22 AM 12:48 PM 04:11 PM 07:13 PM 08:17 PM 01:55 AM
Balfour Town 05:15 AM 06:18 AM 12:43 PM 04:06 PM 07:08 PM 08:12 PM 01:52 AM
Over Back The Damp 05:14 AM 06:18 AM 12:43 PM 04:06 PM 07:08 PM 08:12 PM 01:52 AM

All cities and towns in Turks and Caicos Islands

Ambergris Cays

N:21.3, E:-71.61667
Armstrong Pond

N:21.783333, E:-71.71667
Back Salina

N:21.45, E:-71.13333
Balfour Town

N:21.3167, E:-71.2167

N:21.816668, E:-71.71667
Bay Cay

N:21.916666, E:-71.88333
Belle Isle

N:21.65, E:-72.46667
Bellefield Channel

N:21.883333, E:-72.05
Bellefield Landing

N:21.9, E:-72.03333
Big Ambergris Cay

N:21.3, E:-71.63333
Big Cameron Cay

N:21.616667, E:-71.583336
Big Cut

N:21.833334, E:-71.666664
Big Pond

N:21.75, E:-71.683334
Big Sand Cay

N:21.2, E:-71.23333
Bird Island

N:21.383333, E:-71.083336
Blue Hills

N:21.8, E:-72.28333
Blue Hills Settlements

N:21.8, E:-72.2833
Booby Island

N:21.816668, E:-71.666664
Bottle Creek

N:21.966667, E:-71.916664
Bottle Creek Mouth

N:21.8, E:-71.86667
Bottle Creek Settlements

N:21.883333, E:-71.916664
Bottlenose Creek

N:21.966667, E:-71.916664
Breeches Island

N:21.366667, E:-71.083336
Breezy Point

N:21.716667, E:-71.51667
Bush Cay

N:21.2, E:-71.6

N:21.933332, E:-71.96667
Caicos Bank

N:21.583334, E:-71.916664
Caicos Creek

N:21.766666, E:-72.46667
Caicos Islands

N:21.933332, E:-71.96667
Caicos Passage

N:22.0, E:-72.5
Caique de l'Est

N:21.683332, E:-71.5
Caique du Nord

N:21.933332, E:-71.98333
Caique du Sud

N:21.516666, E:-71.5
Cape Comete

N:21.7, E:-71.46667
Caye a Coton

N:21.366667, E:-71.13333
Caye de Sel

N:21.333334, E:-71.183334
Caye Parrot

N:21.933332, E:-72.066666
Cayes d' Ambre gris

N:21.3, E:-71.61667
Cayes de Seal

N:21.166666, E:-71.63333

N:21.35, E:-71.083336
Chalk Sound

N:21.766666, E:-72.3
Clarke's Cut

N:21.95, E:-71.9
Clearsand Road

N:21.616667, E:-72.46667
Cockburn Harbour

N:21.5, E:-71.5
Cockburn Town

N:21.466667, E:-71.13333
Company Point

N:21.7, E:-72.46667
Conch Bar

N:21.833334, E:-71.78333
Conch Bar Caves

N:21.816668, E:-71.8
Conch Cay

N:21.85, E:-71.85
Corry Hill

N:21.466667, E:-71.13333
Cotton Cay

N:21.366667, E:-71.13333
Dellis Cay

N:21.9, E:-72.066666
Dikish Cay

N:21.75, E:-71.63333
Donna Cay

N:21.816668, E:-72.13333
Donna Cut

N:21.833334, E:-72.13333
Drum Point

N:21.7, E:-71.46667
East Bay

N:21.483334, E:-71.51667
East Caicos Island

N:21.683332, E:-71.5
East Cay

N:21.366667, E:-71.083336
East harbour

N:21.5, E:-71.5

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