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Islamic Propagation and Education Foundation


The Islamic Propagation and Education Foundation was founded in October 1995. It expressly aims to cater to the Islamic educational needs of new Muslims as well as other Muslims who desire to learn and improve their knowledge and understanding of Islamic. Over the years we have singularly succeeded in establishing and running two Islamic learning/teaching centers where basic introductory lessons about Islam are offered over a span of ten months. Lessons taught include Qur\'anic Arabic (here the focus is on reading the Qu\'ran; not speaking Arabic Language); Islamic knowledge (which deals with the basic belief-system of Islam, areas of misconception about Islam, comparative religion, etc); and Islamic prayer (all that constitutes praying and prayer and all that goes with same are taught). The strength and success of IPEF rests largely on the regional and ethnic backgrounds of its founders and administrators. They hail from indigenous Liberian tribes with quite negligible Muslim percentages, thus being placed in a unique position for promoting and propagating Islam. To sum up, the organisation is two-dimensional; it has an educational arm and a dawah arm. It also has a women\'s wing which seeks to plan and execute programs and activities geared towards skills building and economic empowerment of the female membership of the organisation and other Muslim Sisters.


1000 Monrovia 10, Liberia



Zip Code:

P.O. Box 1


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Located at 17th Street Mosque.

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