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Darul Uloom Nadwatul Ulama


Aims and Objects The Nadwatul Ulama, had kept before it four main objectives To introduce suitable changes in the syllabi of Islamic theological institutions with a view to bringing it in line with the changed conditions of the modern age and enabling it to integrate religious education, as far as possible, with the cultural progress of the community; To examine the principles and injunctions of the Shariat with a view to keep it in conformity with the fundamental guidance of the Quran and the Sunnat so as to address the ever-increasing modern questions and problems. To establish a central library in northern India which could serve as a useful centre of study and research in Islamics To propagate Islamic faith and ideals by suitable literature and making arrangements for its publication. To train and educate preachers who have deep knowledge of the Holy Qur\'an and Ahadees along with a deep insight of the prevailing situation and who can judge and take remedial action for changing moral environment for the betterment of the society.


Post Box No. 93,Tagore Marg



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This famous International Institute ofIslamic Learning is situated on the banks of river Gomtiز

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