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Ahlsunnah islamic foundation


Ahlsunnah islamic foundation is presently bearing the name ahlsunnah computers but the founder who have been dreaming of how to established a true foundation for the helpless pure ahli sunnah have decided to widened the name to an islamic foundation because we are already operating as a foudation, since we started with free computer training of veiled sisters but the free training have to stop because we(husband and wife with wife training the sisters) are poor too and the number of sisters were increasing .But now we are only subsidizing and we have also added the training of brothers now and we hope to add other services like Islamic video club and islamic barbing saloon e.t.c. after our graduation (after ramadan Inshah Allah) Inshort our plan is to dedicate our life to a selfless services to those muslims who are ready to live with fear of Allah.


G.P.O. BOX 16302 DUGBE ibadan



Zip Code:





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From Ibadan central mosque(oja oba),drive/walk straight towards Idi arere/molete road(or ask),then when yuou reavch idi arere junction ask of the road tpo popoyemaja, then along popoyuemoja road ask of ahlsunnah computers location(we are presently renderi

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