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Salman Alfarisi Islamic Center


The center is a family oriented place where any Muslim can come and find an Islamic atmosphere that holds warmly all of them and help them understand and practice the true authentic teachings of Islam according to the Quran (The book of Allah), the authentic Sunnah of His Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessing of Allah be upon him). The The Muslims in the Islamic center will gladly do their best to help the new Muslims to find suitable housing and show them how to find all needed services in Corvallis. The center also provides many services to other members of the community


610 NW Kings Blvd.



Zip Code:



(541) 758 - 0329


Not Available!


Not Available!

The city of Corvallis is located about 80 miles south of Portland, 40 miles north of Eugene, and 10 miles West of Albany, Oregon, off highway I-5. Once in Corvallis and on the kings Blvd., the two white minarets with green tops conspicuously point out the

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