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Assafa Islamic center Inc.

New York, United States


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Great News ! The New Assafa Jame Masjid & Islamic Center will hopefully expand to a Nine-storey Building,Insha-allah. Construction of the Islamic Center has been completed up to the 6th floor. Construcion is running very rapidly,so please give us donation ,Qarde Hasana & support this beautifull project. AN URGENT APPEAL ! Search ResultsrFRIDAY PRAYER WILL BE HELD ON MARIANA BRACETTI COMMUNITY CENTER @296 E.4TH STREET (BETWEEN AVE B & AN URGENT APPEAL!DEAR EMBSSADOR OF ISLAM DEAR AMBASSADOR OF ISLAM , ASSALAMU ALAIKM WA RAHMATULLAH Search ResultsAssalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatulla On behalf of Assafa Islamic Center, We would like to bring to your attention an urgent appeal for $1.25M to complete a brand new six-storey project at 172 Eldridge Street, Manhattan. Assafa Islamic Center is a not-for-profit, religious and non-political organization. The local Muslim community established the center in 1996. Two years later they acquired a city lot at an auction. Currently it is providing services of five-time prayers, weekend school, Hifzul Qur’an, and all other programs except jumua from a rented space at 172 Allen St only on a temporary basis. For jumua prayer we had to rent a separate community center at 296 E 4th street. So it is crucial to complete the new project to continue the services for the musallies from all the different corners of the world. The new project is intended for da’wa, expanded prayer space, Nyc Board of Education complaint full time Islamic School and Humanitarian services as needed by the community at large. The fifth floor structure of the Six-storey plan has been completed. Main water ,Sewage,Electric and Gas lines have been connected to the building. Also the blocking work of the sixth floor is being finished. Now Plumbing & Framing work of the Building & Concrete work of 6th floor is going on. With our local efforts hopefully we will be able to complete the structure and exterior-work. But we will need an additional $1.25M to finish the plumbing, HVAC, electrical work, elevator installation and all interior work as required for a “Certificate of Occupancy.” Please click "chip in" box & donate bigheartedly. Please note that the HVAC costs $360,000 more than the original estimation. A diversity of scholars, professionals, travelers, taxi drivers, local musallies, youth and new Muslims from the expanses of multi-lingual cosmopolitan New York utilize this center of Islam. It is a global microcosm of the Muslim world bursting at the seams. The overcrowding in our current space affords the community a burden of pricey violations from the City Building Department. With your assistance we could accelerate construction and avoid additional penalties. Therefore you may donate $2500 for one Musalla, $1000 for a life- Membership or $150 for a square foot. Our appeal to your benevolence is an altruistic contribution to this prodigious undertaking. We would highly appreciate if you could schedule a visit or send a donation. Thank you. Sincerely, Imam Hafiz Mawlana Luthfur Rahman Qasimy Secretary Tel: 212-608-4538 (Home) 212-203-8695 (Cell) 212-253-1053 (Masjid) Email: Assafaproject@gmail.com Hafizlrahman@aol.com Hafizlrahman7239@yahoo.com Donate online at: www.assafaislamiccenter.org Donate by mail: Check payable to:-----------> Assafa Islamic Center Inc. 172 Allen Street New York, NY 10002

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