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Aisha Mosque and Islamic Centre


Formerly known as The Mosque and Islamic Centre, Aisha Mosque is the largest and one of the most unique community centres in Walsall. Located between the multicultural neighbourhoods of Caldmore and Palfrey, the Mosque has good links with all religious minorities in the area and is proud to be the centre of inter-community relations. The centre's primary objective is to act as a place of worship for the Muslims in Walsall. Users of the Mosque come from all walks of life and varying ethnic backgrounds. It is a strict policy of the Mosque to allow people from all ethnic and religious lines to use the facilites that it provides. We are also the only Mosque in the town that provides extensive facilities for the Muslim women of Walsall. The Mosque also has daily evening classes (madrasahs) for children under the age of 16 where Arabic/Urdu and Islamic studies is taught from 5-7 on working days.


4 Rutter Street, Walsall, West Midlands



Zip Code:



01922 620982


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The Mosque is located in the heart of Walsall, just a few minutes from Walslal Town Centre. When travelling from outside of Walsall, we suggest you come off the M6 at junction 9. The Mosque is situated on the corner of Rutter Street and Corporations str

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