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Iman Islamic Weekend School


The main goals of Iman Islamic Weekend School are to provide quality education, to instill a love of Islamic learning in the students, and to graduate students who will practice Islam as their way of life. The entire curriculum is presented to the student through an Islamic perspective in each discipline. The most distinguishing characteristic of Iman Islamic Weekend School is that it provides an environment that encourages the development and flourishing of an Islamic identity. Furthermore, the school is the foundation upon which we hope to build a living Islamic community that adheres to the Qur’an and Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad - Sallallahu ‘Alayhi Wa-Sallam. Iman Islamic Weekend School is recognized in West Sacramento as a leading Muslim institution of education. Our Quranic, Arabic, and Islamic Studies curriculum will enhance the quality of education our students receive.


700 Glide Ave


West Sacramento

Zip Code:





Not Available!


Not Available!

(1) Take I-80 W/San Francisco/I-5 (2) Merge onto US-50 W (3) Take the Jefferson Blvd exit (4) Turn right at Jefferson Blvd (5) Turn left at West Capitol Ave (6) Turn right at Glide Ave

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