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Islamic Society of York Region


The Islamic Society of York Region, often referred to as the Islamic Center or the ISYR, was established in the August of 1999. A large area of 33 acres was bought by ICIT Director Zafar Bangash and some partners. Work was begun to renovate the two main buildings of the area, one of which became a mosque while the other became a Banquet Hall. The mosque has improved greatly since that time, and now features: a large, lavishly decorated banquet hall, a small Islamic library, a large prayer hall, ablution facilities, a swimming pool, playground, soccer field and picnic area, and a television studio. The ISYR now holds weekly Friday Congregational Prayers (Jumuah), Nightly Prayers in Ramadan (Taraweeh), weekly Iftar Programs in Ramadan, a weekly Islamic Sunday School. The mosque has also become more interactive, now hosting a website (www.isyr.org, where you can find out about the latest going-ons at the Center. There is also a television channel based at the mosque, called Muslim Perspectives, which shows events at the mosque and interviews with various people about Islamic or world issues. (Visit the website for more information). A second mosque has been opened in Newmarket which is a brother-mosque of the Islamic Society of York Region. ***ON AUGUST 16TH, 2009, THE ISLAMIC SOCIETY OF YORK REGION WILL BE HOSTING ITS TENTH ANNIVERSARY EVENT. BRING YOUR WHOLE FAMILY TO COMMEMORATE TEN YEARS OF ISYR. NO ENTRANCE FEES. THERE ARE ONLY SMALL FEES FOR KIDS GAMES AND FOOD. AS ALWAYS DONATIONS ARE ACCEPTED.***


1380 Stouffville Rd, Richmond Hill, ON, M2J 1L7, Canada


Richmond Hill

Zip Code:

L4E 3S3






Not Available!

1. From Toronto, take Highway 404/Don Valley Parkway north until Stouffville Road. Exit the highway here and turn left onto Stouffville Road. You should be heading in a westward direction. Keep heading this way until you see the part of Leslie Rd. WHERE IT

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