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Toronto Islamic Centre


Toronto Islamic Centre is a mosque in the heart of downtown Toronto, serving a large and diverse Muslim community. To establish a permanent Islamic presence in downtown Toronto with a mosque and facilities to meet the religious, social and intellectual needs of Muslims and non-Muslims alike. History Toronto Islamic Centre became a mosque in January 2010…. For many years, Muslims working in downtown Toronto have been looking to find a space to perform the congregational Friday prayer. As the Muslim population grew, it became more challenging to find a space every week to accommodate the growing congregation… Today, Toronto Islamic Centre is one of the busiest mosques in the city. Large numbers of worshippers attend the mosque as it is strategically located in the downtown core…


575 Yonge Street, 2nd Floor (Above Money Mart), North of Wellesley, South of Bloor



Zip Code:

M4Y 1Z2






Not Available!

Direction: North East of Wellesley, South East of Bloor Subway: Yonge Subway: You can get of at the Yonge & Bloor Subway then walk to South until 575 Yonge Street Wellesley Subway: You can get of at the Wellesley Subway then walk to North

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