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Islamic Center Of South County


Islamic Center of South County  (ICSC) is a religious non-profit organization which was established to for the following purposes: - Inviting the non-muslims into Islam and providing them the correct understanding and information about the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, may Peace be upon him. - Educating and calling Muslims to establish their religion upon Quran and the authentic teachings of the Prophet Muhammed saws, the way how the first righteous generation of Muslims, Salaf As Salih, understood it. - Warning Muslims to stay away from any type of innovated matters and extremism in the religion which are contrary to the authentic teaching of the Prophet saws. In order to accomplish these goals, we teach classes in different languages, prepare pamphlets, provide books and other services that are of benefit for the whole community.


1389 Covington Manor Dr.


Saint Louis

Zip Code:



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If you are taking I-55 south from city exit on S.Lindbergh and make left on Lindbergh. Drive aproximately 300 feet and make left on Lemay Ferry Rd. Drive about 200 feet until you see Covington Manor Apartments on your right. Make a right and there shoul

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