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Islamic Society of Boston


The Islamic Society of Boston (ISB) was formed in 1981, when Muslims new to the area felt a need for organization or place to gather them, preserve their Islamic identity and help them observe their obligations as Muslims. The start was in a hall reserved at MIT to be used for the five daily prayers, the Friday prayers and the weekly seminars of classes. As time passed and more Muslims flocked to the activities, it became necessary for the ISB to find a location larger than that a university can offer. The Muslims began to search for a suitable location to be a beacon calling to Islam, and finally a place was chosen in the suburb of Cambridge, MA. With the generosity of the Muslim community, the brothers and sisters of the community were able to transform the place into its current condit


204 Prospect St, Cambridge,MA 02139



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From I-93 North in Boston, MA Instruction For Depart I-93 Exit 24 on Ramp (South-East) 0.2 mi Turn LEFT (North) onto North St 120 yds Bear LEFT (North) onto Cross St 0.2 mi At I-93 Exit 24, continue (West) on New Chardon St 0.3 mi Continue (Sout

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