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Ghana Muslim Academy


BRIEF HISTORY: The Ghana Muslim Academy is a group of young Muslim intellectuals in Ghana; West Africa .It was formed in 1992, and officially registered and inaugurated in 1994.The headquarters of the organization is in Accra, the capital of Ghana. The organization has over 200 members all over the while others are outside the country. The 10th anniversary celebrations was celebrated in December 2004 at a well attended ceremony, attended by ministers of State, MISSION STATEMENT: The Academy’s mission and vision is to promote education in all its forms in the Ghanaian society particularly in deprived communities. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: The major aims and objectives of the Academy are as follows: 1- To promote education among deprived communities in the country. 2- To defend and the rights of the youth. 3- To promote intellectual discourse among various religious groups in the country with particular emphases on youth dialogue. 4- To educate and inculcate into the general public on Islamic virtues and morality. 5- To embark on advocacy programmes so as to conscientize the general Ghanaian public, particularly the youth, on issues affecting their day to day life, e.g. HIV/AIDS, DRUG ABUSE AND ADDICTION, CHILD LABOUR, MORAL DECADENCE, TEENAGE PREGNANCY ETC.


P.O. Box TF 460 Trade Fair, La, Accra



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Office is about 30 metres away from Islamic Research and Reformation Institute at Nima in Accra.

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