Islamic Fashion and Design Council (IFDC) is the world’s leading modest fashion and design council representing the Islamic economy and its stakeholders. IFDC, a leading advocate for modest fashion, art and design professionals and aspiring talent, has an array of products, services, and effective training programs for all levels.

Modest fashion is rapidly gaining popularity and has become an industry of its own. IFDC plays an important role in facilitating the industry players in accessing the vast growth potential. It aligns itself with leading and budding modest fashion and design brands, government organizations, institutions, corporations, media, global conferences, events, and fashion weeks to ensure a powerful, sustainable and supportive presence.

The Islamic Fashion and Design Council (IFDC) is holding its first Pret-A-Cover™ Buyers Lane, (PAC-BL). The innovative modest fashion and design show and pop-up event will be held at City Walk, Dubai, from 28th March – 2nd April 2018.

Supported by the Dubai Islamic Economy Development Centre (DIEDC), and working towards developing and promoting Dubai as the global capital of Islamic economy, the 6-day public event will showcase over 30 leading designers and artists and present all that's possible in modest lifestyle. The event strategies include the first ever ‘technologically advanced’ fashion show, which is being introduced by IFDC as the ‘catwalk of the future’. With additional attractions like exclusive shopping, meet and greets with the designers and artists that complement the modest lifestyle, PAC-BL will have brands exhibiting across all categories, including haute couture, pret-a-porter, streetwear, athletic wear, abayas, accessories, halal skin care and much more!

The impressive line-up of sponsors and partners includes Aston Martin, Nari Skincare - world's 1st halal luxury skincare line, Pullman Hotels, Emirates Airline, and many more who have made it possible for IFDC to bring to this exciting event designers including regional fashion visionary, Hatem Alakeel, who will be unveiling a new luxury modest wear collection; Under-Rapt, who are a pioneering modest, sustainable, ethical and fashionable sportswear brand; Talabaya who design unique European style luxury abayas; dUCk scarves, which are the brainchild of famous style icon and fashion influencer Vivy Yusof; Isabella Caposano, a rising star in Italy who will be presenting an exciting tailor-made couture line for the modest woman, The Modist, a luxury retailer for modest wear, Kopenhagen Fur, the global ethical fur leader, and many more. Attendees will be able to shop the latest collections and preview the trending global designs that are making modest wear a popular choice, with even the most discerning shopper. Visit the IFDC website to see the complete lineup of designers and other participating brands.

According to Alia Khan, Chairwoman of IFDC, “With Muslim consumers spending an estimated US$272 billion on clothing and the industry projected to grow to US$322 billion by 2018, we have a unique opportunity to develop the global market in a more cohesive manner and encourage more collaborations across borders in order to strengthen everyone's potential. A marker of success for events is the inherent benefit it brings not only to the industry players, but to the overall fashion and design industry including the mainstream stakeholder, and we believe all will do extremely well by partaking in our global modest fashion and design scene at Pret-A-Cover™ Buyers Lane”.

PAC-BL will set a new standard for the global fashion and design scene paving the path for modest fashion designers to bring their work to the forefront.

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