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Free Islamic Studies Diploma from Islamic Online University

About the University

The Islamic Online University (IOU) was launched by Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips in 2007 as a higher education institution that offers intensive online undergraduate and graduate programs completely tuition-free. Our university is committed to spreading beneficial knowledge that is easily affordable and will benefit not only individual students, but also empower entire communities. The IOU provides an equal opportunity for all students and makes earning a degree a real possibility even for the neediest of students. Students can benefit from tuition-free accredited BA and MA degrees in various fields of study.

Overview of the Diploma Program

Islamic Online University offers free diplomas in Islamic Studies in the form of following short courses. These short but comprehensive Islamic Knowledge courses have been structured by Dr. Bilal Philips himself.

1 - New Muslim Free Certification: The New Muslim courses explain some of the most important points that the new Muslims should be conscious of on the very first day and week of their conversion to Islam.

2 - Free Islamic Studies Diploma: The free General Diploma in Islamic Studies courses are designed to provide a systematic and organized study experience for knowledge seekers.

3 - Paid Courses: Paid courses to provide quality Islamic courses.

4 - Special Workshops: Special Islamic Workshop courses to help you learn your deen (religion).

Course Instructions

The courses on diploma have been set up with the following study pattern in mind:

1. Each Module consists of a PDF file with corresponding Video and Audio files.

2. The student should first read and watch or listen to the study material of Module 1.1.

3. When the student has thoroughly mastered Module 1.1 he or she should then proceed to the Module 1.1 Test. (The tests follow the multiple choice format. The number of attempts allowed is unlimited. But the grading will be calculated according to the highest score on all attempts. So, for example, if you made three attempts and got 40%, 60%, 80% respectively, your final grade would be 80%.)

4. 80% overall course average is required to be eligible to receive the certificate.

5. After passing the Module 1.1 Test, the student should then proceed to Module 1.2 and follow the same procedure till the end of the course.

6. Students should not attempt the Modules out of order. All student activity on the modules is recorded with date, time and number of hours spent on the various activities. Accessing modules out of order will confuse the grading of the student's performance.

7. Students may contact the teacher/s via messages through the course messaging system, the information about the course Facilitator is given on the right top corner of the course page. You can also write to the Head Facilitator at head-facilitator@diploma.iou.edu.gm.

8. On completion of the course with an average total of 80%, the student can get a certificate signed by Dr. Bilal Philips. For more information, please Click Here

Courses Detials

The New Muslim Section

1 - The New Muslim Course - The First Day

2 - The New Muslim Course - The First Week

Level One

1 - Arabic Reading and Writing Made Easy

2 - Foundations of Islamic Studies Part 1

3 - Foundations of Islaaic Studies Part 2

4 - Fiqh of Tahaarah

5 - The Moral Foundations of Islamic Culture

6 - Contemporary Issues

Level Two

1 - Aqeedah At-Tawheed

2 - Establishing the Prayer: Fiqh of Formal Prayer 1

3 - Establishing the Prayer: Fiqh of Formal Prayer 2

4 - The Three Shelters

5 - Usool at-Tafseer

6 - Prophetic Reflections on Ramadan

Level Three

1 - Fiqh of Fasting

2 - The Divine Thread – Uloom al Quran

3 - Usool al Hadeeth

4 - An Nawawi's 40 Hadith Part 1

5 - An Nawawi's 40 Hadith Part 2

6 - Explanation of Kitaab At-Tawheed

Level Four

1 - Behind Closed Doors Part 1

2 - Behind Closed Doors Part 2

3 - Explanation of the Six Pillars of Faith

4 - Fiqh of Zakaah

5 - Dawah Training Course

6 - Garments of Love and Mercy: Fiqh of Marriage

Level Five

1 - Soul of Hajj

2 - Explanation of the Nullifiers of Islam

3 - Explanation of the Foundations of the Sunnah

4 - Final Destination: Funeral Rites in Islam

5 - Fiqh of Hajj

6 - Qadar: Predestination

Level Six

1 - Leadership Lessons from the Life of Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.) Part 1

2 - Leadership Lessons from the Life of Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.) Part 2

3 - Introduction to Quranic Arabic - Level 1

4 - Introduction to Quranic Arabic - Level 2

5 - Introduction to Quranic Arabic - Level 3

The Visionary Family

1 - Visionary Parenting

IOU Special Workshops

1 - Eternal Bond: Marital Lessons from 40 Prophetic Traditions

2 - Healing the Soul: Curing Modern Illnesses

3 - 360 Degree Young Leadership Development Program

4 - Islamization of Education in Muslim Schools and Homes

5 - Arabic Speech Simplified!

6 - No Doubt - Conveying Islam with Compassion and Reason

Paid Courses

1 - Tadabbur Al-Quran (Reflecting upon the Quran) Surah Al-Imran

2 - Tadabbur Al-Quran (Reflecting upon the Quran) Juzz Amma

3 - The Trial: An Islamic Approach to Afflictions and Tribulations

4 - TALK - Master the Art of Public Speaking

5 - The Seven Gems: Conquer Your Duniya and Aakhirah

6 - Jam Packed June with Shaykh Furqan Jabbar

7 - Quest of Knowledge with Shaykh Tariq Appleby

8 - Riba Buster - Introduction to Islamic Finance

Sisters Exclusive Courses/Programs (Paid Courses)

1 - Empowered Muslimah (Special Coaching Programs for Sisters Only)

2 - Be The Leader That YOU Were Born To Be! (Special Coaching Programs for Sisters Only)

3 - Starting from Scratch (Tajweed Made Easy for Sisters Only)

4 - Tajweed Made Easy - Part 1 (Tajweed Made Easy for Sisters Only)

5 - Tajweed Made Easy - Part 2 (Tajweed Made Easy for Sisters Only)

6 - Sister Zohra Sarwari: How to Deal with Difficult People

7 - Al-Muminaat: Re-writing the Female Legacy with our Glorious Past

To enroll and further details, please visit Free Diploma : Islamic Online University

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