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Home News 6 Best Resolutions to Target for 2021!

6 Best Resolutions to Target for 2021!

Rida Ghaffar  .  Friday February 12, 2021
 . Current Affairs

We always intend on improving ourselves at the end of Ramadan. However, any time is a good time to rethink your life strategy and set some personal goals for your betterment. 

As the world around us celebrates the dawn of a new year, we must remind ourselves that self-awareness and self-improvement is a continuous process. Consider it as a fun adventure and enjoy the journey instead of stressing about the destination. Journal your thoughts along the way, rethink, strategize and grow. It’s your life, and you’re in control!

Looking for some inspiration to set the tone for your future goals? Here are six resolutions that are great to work on in 2021:

1. Remove Toxic People

Letting go of certain people can be difficult for us Muslims. We are concerned about cutting ties, not giving fellow Muslims their rights, and staying angry with our brothers in Islam. But would Allah want us treated that way? Distant yourself from people who drain the energy out of you and replace them with people who uplift you. Never allow others to bring you down.

2. Do Less Yet More

Finally, we are beginning to recognize the health hazards of multitasking. Doing too much stresses us out. As it’s said:

“If your focus is fragmented, you’ll likely find yourself getting anxious as new items come up when old ones are still incomplete.” 
(Pedram Shojai, Focus: Bringing Time, Energy, and Money Into Flow)

Be it a work project, time with the kids, cleaning, or anything at all - set a time, and mindfully focus on the one important thing at hand.

3. Budget Planning

2020 has indeed been a financial nightmare for most of us. There was a boom in online sales as people ‘comfort-shopped’ their frustration away during self-quarantine. Now is time to rethink how you are spending your money. Consider investment opportunities around you. Having a realistic understanding of your finances and making plans to manage them will reduce your stress in 2021.

4. Self-Care

2020 pushed our mind, body, and soul to the limits. In recent years, studies show mental health has declined in all age groups. 2020 was one of the most stressful years for all of us. And many of our existing healthy habits were disrupted by the lockdowns. 

Let 2020 remain the last of your worst years. Prioritize and make useful improvements to enhance your overall health.

5. Use Nature

2020 certainly made us realize the importance of being outdoors. As gyms closed down, many of us chose outdoor workouts at home or parks nearby. Nature is beautiful and being in it soothes our emotions. Why not keep reinforcing such activities in the future too?

Enjoy it and watch the improvements in your health. You will surely see how beneficial spending regular time in nature is. 

6. Be Thankful  

A whole culture of cultivating an attitude of gratitude has grown in the last decade or so. Over a thousand years ago, Prophet Muhammed (SAW) taught us the prayer for thankfulness. So why is it so hard to be grateful?

 It’s easy to forget to be thankful for all the good around us. Psychologists explain that negative memories are easy to remember as they have a more profound effect on the brain than neutral or positive ones.

 Saying Subhan'Allah and practicing genuine gratitude reduces stress and improves relationships. Focus on things you are grateful for as soon as you wake up to set the tone for the new day. 

Indeed, every day is a gift of a new beginning by Allah (SWT). Regularly thanking Allah (SWT) will strengthen your connection while building your healthy attitude of gratitude along the way. May Allah (SWT) help us all to become better Muslims every day. Ameen.

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