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Accueil Nouvelles 6 Quran-based practices to find peace and hope

6 Quran-based practices to find peace and hope

Usman Afzal  .  mercredi juillet 10, 2024
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As we continue to search for ways to navigate life's difficulties while maintaining a strong bond with Allah, we can rely on specific spiritual practices highlighted in the Quran to ensure we remain grounded in our faith through life's ups and downs.
These Quran-based practices include
1. Remembering Allah: Doing Dhikr every day significantly reduces stress as promised by Allah “Truly it is in the remembrance (dhikr) of Allah that hearts find peace.” (13:28)
2. Charity: Giving regular charity (Sadaqah) can bring countless blessings into our lives as it purifies wealth, increases empathy, and instills a sense of gratitude.
3. Patience: This act helps foster a sense of perseverance in the face of hardships and strengthens your belief in Allah as He says “O you who have believed, seek help through patience and prayer. Indeed, Allah is with the patient.” (2:153)
Our course “Your Heart on Hope: 6 Spiritual Practices When Life is Hard” explores these themes of reassurance and hope in Surah Ad Dhuha in great detail by helping you
1. Journey through the circumstances in which this specific Surah was revealed to understand its significance in your life. 2. Learn the six spiritual practices for managing stress, cultivating gratitude, and strengthening your connection with Allah. 3. Discover how the timeless message of this Surah can be your source of strength, comfort and personal growth. 4. Find out ways to become a means of His mercy and support others in need. 5. Understand how to reflect on your life's past struggles and create a plan moving forward to overcome them. 6. Practice adopting certain emotions for improving your mental and physical health.

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