Salam O Alaikum,

We are beyond ecstatic to announce that your beloved app, Athan, has reached 10 million downloads on Android. And guess what? You all made it happen!

Thank you for trusting and choosing us 10 million times to be your companion on your Islamic journey. We work round-the-clock to deliver you the best so that you never miss out on your obligatory Salah and other religious duties.

Yes, yes! You have told us that Athan is also a source of relief when you’re on the go, and the Qibla direction dilemma hits you out of nowhere. Trust us - we have all been there.

Needless to say, this is just the start of an artistically innovative ride. We are working on dialing up the innovation at our end so that you can earn more rewards, more bounties, and feel the comfort of your religion no matter where you are.

You can say you have inspired us to be…

  • Bigger
  • Better
  • Stronger

We would love to hear from you. If you have any feedback or just an innovative idea burning in your head, let’s talk! Email us at because we love it when you are as passionate about Athan as much as we are. See you soon. 

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