The Beirut port blast on 4 August ripped a city to shreds and reopened old wounds for a fragile population already facing civil unrest, an ongoing socio-economic crisis, and the COVID-19 pandemic. The blast killed more than 178 people, left more than 6,500 injured, 300,000 people homeless, and severely damaged critical health infrastructure and medical supplies.

The people of Lebanon are more vulnerable than ever before, with more than 1 million people living below the poverty line and 1.5 million refugees. As a nation that is already on the brink of economic collapse, this has devastated the city of Beirut and the country as a whole. The true impact of the blast is still to be felt as the country begins to dig itself out of the rubble.

Human Concern International has been operating in Lebanon for over two decades and our office has now been activated to begin delivering much needed emergency and long-term aid for those who will survive this devastating blast.

For years we have been delivering orphan sponsorship, family sponsorship and medical aid for Syria refugees and those living in poverty in Lebanon . While our teams will continue to focus on those programs, we will now work with local partners and stakeholders to attend to the victims of this blast.

Come let's support the people of Lebanon and lend them a hand so that faith in humanity is never lost! Donate to Human Concern International now and contribute your share in the way of Allah (SWT).

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