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Charitable contributions come in many forms
Rida Ghaffar . September 04, 2021 . Current Affairs

Help make an impact today...

A single Token of Generosity is worth a Thousand Smiles!
Rida Ghaffar . September 02, 2021 . Current Affairs

Make an impact in thousands of lives from today.

Syria: Many Years Have Passed Yet There is No End in Sight for Millions
Rida Ghaffar . May 09, 2021 . Current Affairs

Indulge yourself in a great cause.

How do lives with the availability of Clean Water actually change?
Rida Ghaffar . March 25, 2021 . Current Affairs

Become a part of something big and better.

Emergency Appeal 2020: Lebanon needs You
IslamicFinder . September 06, 2020 . Current Affairs

Ever since the Beirut port blast, the people of Lebanon have experienced distress and much more...

These children need your help the most!
Rida Ghaffar . May 29, 2020 . Current Affairs

Learn how helping them will result in great rewards for you.

Emergency Relief: Rohingya Muslims need you!
Rida Ghaffar . March 04, 2020 . Current Affairs

It has been years since their suffering but what you can do will always give a room for improvement.

Save a Life Today: Contribute your share in the Relief for Yemen!
Rida Ghaffar . January 20, 2020 . Current Affairs

Come lend your hand for a great cause...

What is the Importance of Orphans in Islam?
Rida Ghaffar . November 12, 2019 . Current Affairs

Learn how taking care of Orphans is an essential part of Islam and how you can contribute.

5 ways to be charitable in Ramadan
Salma Zahid . May 09, 2019 . Lifestyle

Ramadan encourages you to share your blessings with other people.

Sponsor children in need and change their life!
Rida Ghaffar . January 03, 2019 . Current Affairs

Find out how thousands of lives can be transformed in a matter of seconds.

How are Fundraising Initiatives reaching new heights for Muslims in Canada 2018?
Rida Ghaffar . December 03, 2018 . Current Affairs

2018 has witnessed some thought provoking initiatives and there's no reason for you not to contribute.

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