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Home News Find out where Eid Prayers will be offered near you in NYC

Find out where Eid Prayers will be offered near you in NYC

Rida Ghaffar  .  Tuesday June 18, 2019
 . Current Affairs

Athan by IslamicFinder brings you an all new feature of ‘Muslim Community’ this Ramadan! Yes, that’s right. We hope you all are just as excited as we are, to give our users the best user experience of the Athan App as possible. This is initially available to all New Yorkers, with over existing 130,000 Athan App users in NYC. 

Muslim Community feature focuses on connecting the users to a platform where they will get notified about all the Islamic events and Places situated near the respective locations. It offers great opportunity to businesses as well as the users, with a win-win situation for both in terms of what’s required on each end.

This Eid ul Fitr, there are several community centers on board who will be conducting Eid Prayers. This way, you don’t have to worry and can easily go for prayers wherever convenient for you. Below is a list of some of the Islamic Institutes and community centers along with the name of Scholars:

  1. Darul Uloom Institute at 7.00 a.m by Shaykhul Hadeeth Mawlana Rafeeq
  2. Islamic Center of Long Island at 7.30 a.m by Mufti Farhan (Executive Director) and at 9.00 a.m by Imam Ibrahim najam (Special Advisor to Grand Mufti)
  3. Islamic Center at New York University at 7.30 a.m
  4. Muslim Community Center at 8.30 a.m by Sheikh Abdullah Salem
  5. Dergah Al Farah at 10.00 a.m
  6. Masjid Al Farooq at 7.30 a.m  by Dr Muhammad Fawzy AbdelHay as well as 8.30 a.m
  7. Masjid Al Badr at 7.00 a.m by Imam Abdullah Danish and at 8.00 a.m by Imam Ubaidullah Arshad
  8. Zia Ul Karam Islamic Center at 7.30 a.m by Dr Allama Shahbaz Ahmad Chishti
  9. Upper Westchester Muslim Community Center at 10.00 a.m

To find about all Eid Prayer Times and Places, download Athan App now and don’t miss out on the opportunities near you!

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