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The month of Ramadan, along with its many blessings, comes with a lot of joy and excitement. Each year this month comes and this feeling is renewed every time. Muslims all around the world not only fast obligatorily, they also look forward to this blissful month where the devil is chained and there is a greater than before need to be good and do good.

There are nearly 2 billion Muslims all around the world and numerous countries with a Muslim majority and while Ramadan unites the entire Muslim Ummah, each country has her own way of preparing for this sacred month.

Karachi, Pakistan

Description: C:\Users\user\Desktop\A man adjusts his compass to find the proper direction before installing a theodolite to look for the new moon that will mark the start of Ramadan in Karachi, Pakistan on June 17, 2015. Photo by Akhtar SoomroReuters.jpg

A man adjusts his compass to find the proper direction before installing a theodolite to look for the new moon that will mark the start of Ramadan. (Photo Credits: Akhtar Soomro)

Sidon, Lebanon

Description: C:\Users\user\Desktop\Lebanese girls hold traditional lanterns during street performances celebrating the upcoming holy month of Ramadan, in the southern port city of Sidon, Lebanon. Muslims throughout the world will begin to mark Ramadan this wee.jpg

To welcome the holy month of Ramadan, Lebanese girls hold traditional lanterns during street performances in a small city of Sidon, Lebanon. (Photo Credits: Mohammed Zaatari)

Jakarta, Indonesia

Before the arrival of Ramadan, the Youth of Jakarta clean the dome of a mosque. (PhotoCredits: Beawiharta)

Kabul, Afghanistan

Ramadan, in addition to the blessings and goodness, brings with it a whiff of food and festivities. A young boy in Kabul prepares cookies at a small traditional factory to welcome the month of Ramadan with a tinge of sweetness. (Photo Credits: Mohammad Ismail)

Old Jerusalem, Palestine

A young Palestinian man in Jerusalem’s Old City lights up his home and sets up decorations for the arrival of the holy month. (Photo Credits: Ammar Awad)

Yala, Thailand

Muslims in Thailand gather around the local market to spot the first crescent of the moon, marking the beginning of the month. (Photo Credits: Madari Tahlala)

Paranaque, Philippines

Filipino woman prays to welcome Ramadan and its blessings. (Photo Credits: AP)

Baghdad, Iraq

People in Iraq prepare and shop at the local market for Iftar and Suhur. (Photo Credits: Sabah Arar)

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

In the city of Jeddah, women look to buy ‘Fanous’ – a traditional lantern – sold specifically during the month of Ramadan. (Photo Credits: Stringer)

Amman, Jordan

Children eagerly waiting to see the moon to begin a month of fasts and prayers.(Photo Credits: AP)

Cairo, Egypt

Muslim men attend evening prayer at Al-Azhar mosque in Cairo. (Photo Credits: Reuters)

It doesn’t matter which part of the world it is, Muslims all over eagerly wait and anxiously prepare for Ramadan. All month, there are elaborate Iftar and Suhur where families get together to eat and pray, to remember Allah Almighty and to cherish togetherness and sharing.

Ramadan creates in the entire Muslim Ummah a solidarity that should be cherished and an eagerness that can be seen in each and every Muslim, without any discrimination.

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