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Home News How significant is the blessed month of Rabi ul Awwal?

How significant is the blessed month of Rabi ul Awwal?

Rida Ghaffar  .  Thursday November 14, 2019
 . Knowledge

The Islamic calendar, also known as the Hijri Calendar, is based on sighting of the moon. It started after the Hijrah of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) to Madina. There are different months with their own significance respectively. Rabi ul Awal is the 3rd month in the Islamic Calendar. In this article, you will know why it holds so much importance.

In Arabic, the word “rabbi” means spring while “al awwal” means the first. Hence Rabbi ul Awwal as a whole translates into 'The First Spring'. Since Rabbi al Awwal is a month of the lunar calendar, it can come in any season. Therefore, the name, Rabi al Awal depicts symbolic significance as it symbolizes the advent of happiness (spring) after the dismal winter, and not the actual season of spring.

Rabi ul Awwal is named as such because before the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was born, people were living in a state of ignorance and darkness. They were engaged in worshipping different deities. The people were deviating from the path of Allah (SWT). As the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was born, he brought with him the Message of Truth, the Message of Allah (SWT), and Oneness of Allah (SWT). This message led the people towards the path of enlightenment, helping them distinguish between right and wrong. Therefore, the month signifies more regard in that sense.

We all know that Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) is the epitome of perfection. He is the role model chosen for us by Allah (SWT) and we are to follow his Sunnah (Hadith) in order to lead an ideal lifestyle which is not only defined to us by religion but is in fact beneficial for all mankind if we were to follow it.

“There has certainly been for you in the Messenger of Allah an excellent pattern for anyone whose hope is in Allah and the Last Day and [who] remembers Allah often.” (Surah Ahzaab:21)

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The month of Rabi al Awwal holds special significance as Muslims believe that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was also born in this month, although there is no consensus on the actual date. Muslims often celebrate it on 12th Rabi ul Awwal, terming the day as Eid Milad un Nabi. The Birth of the Prophet (PBUH) is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm by many Muslims all over the world. Whereas there are some who don't celebrate it but simply pay their respects. A lot of Muslims also hold Milad throughout the month in remembrance of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

This month as a whole reminds the Muslims about the great personality of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) who had taken the humanity out of the darkness of Kufr (denial of the Truth). The month also serves a great purpose as it brings the people closer to the teachings of Islam and to the Hazrat Muhammad’s (SAW) way of life. It acts as a reminder that the beloved messenger was a blessing for the whole universe; so they should also behave with others like he did and how he spent his whole life.

There are many other events which also took place on this month of Rabi ul Awwal that are as follows:

-1st Rabi ul Awal: Hijrat-e-Madina started
-8th Rabi ul Awal: the death of Imam Hassan Al-Askari
-10th of Rabi ul Awal: Hazrat Abdul Muttalib (RA) the grandfather of Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAW) died.
-10th Rabi ul Awal: Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) married Hazrat Khadija (RA)
-12th Rabi ul Awal: Muslims celebrate Eid Milad un Nabi
-28th of Rabi ul Awal: Hazrat Abu Talib (RA) the uncle of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) died.

Amalgamation of the above mentioned events make Rabi ul Awwal significant and important in Islam. Due to the birth of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in this month, it is considered special for Muslims worldwide. However, his death is also reported to have been in the same month.

May Allah(SWT) give us all taufeeq to do dhikr as much as we can in this month. Let others know why this month is of importance to Muslims. Also, if you wish to see the dates of Rabi ul Awwal 2018 or any other upcoming Islamic event, kindly visit the Islamic Calendar available on IslamicFinder.

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