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Home News How to make the most of Ramadan during the lockdown

How to make the most of Ramadan during the lockdown

Rida Ghaffar  .  Wednesday March 24, 2021
 . Lifestyle

Are you tired of the isolation during the lockdown? Do you fear that this Ramadan might not bring out the best results for you? We all know lockdown has made us rely on the virtual world for pretty much everything. Social distancing is something we have become experts in because what other option is there any way.

The temporary inconveniences, however, does not mean that you can not make the most of Ramadan. Here are some ways to keep you on your toes this Ramadan under lockdown:

1. Perform Fajr Prayers

There is no better way to add gratitude to your day with Fajr prayers right after Suhoor. You will feel a sense of calm knowing that starting your day with prayers has indeed added rewards right from the very beginning of your fast. 

Plus, the act of praying gives your body a light exercise routine. Gratitude and exercise is the perfect recipe for motivation, right?

2. Go for an early morning walk

Everything may be under lockdown but nature is always there to serve you. Go outside for a walk in the park, on your street, or on your terrace right after Suhoor. Enjoy the peace and calm of the night and listen to the birds prepare for their day ahead. 

Say no to excuses and do your best out of all the options you have. Walking will help you emotionally and physically by making it easier for you to digest your Suhoor meal. 

Witness yourself feel fresh and determined to spend the rest of your day with a positive perspective after a good morning walk/jog.

3. Set your daily tasks 

Yes yes, we all have Ramadan goals but some are day-to-day based too, right? Get those sticky notes out and keep checking your list throughout the day. 

To-do lists will give you achievable goals to focus on while you fight those hunger pangs. Getting done with your tasks by the end of the day will fill you with a sense of accomplishment and help you look forward to the next day. 

4. Set some time for yourself

Despite all the cons lockdown might have, it has given us one major pro, that is, flexible hours and the liberty to add me-time. This is especially true for social butterflies and people who were always on-the-run before COVID19. 

You can sit back and relax. This is a chance for you to focus on yourself. After all, you’re saving yourself all the time you might have spent going to different Ramadan parties or any hangouts to start with. 

Enjoy moments of solitude or work on personal growth in all the time you save by not entertaining all the social calls during Ramadan. You can even add to your workout time and look the best version of yourself!

5. Devote time to Ibadah

Indulge in Dhikr and recite Duas after each of the five prayers. Not only will this result in higher rewards, but it will also give you a sense of contentment that you are occupying your time the right way. 

You can even make groups with other motivated individuals who will help you keep up this routine and even set targets of reciting equal parts of the Holy Quran regularly. 

6. Virtual meetups don’t hurt

All the social distancing can sometimes get to our heads and make us feel suffocated. We all are social animals and human contact is one of our basic needs. How about you plan virtual Iftar parties together? Hop onto Skype and video call your loved ones to have Suhoor or Iftar together. 

Such virtual interactions will not only make you feel good and connected they will also strengthen your relationships. 

You can only hope that the lockdown period would end soon and you can again cherish times spent together physically. In the meantime, stay strong and make the most out of what you can today and tomorrow!

May this Ramadan be as promising as we have planned and we earn more blessings from Allah (SWT). The lockdown situation can get frustrating. We can get creative and help ourselves make the most out of this blessed month. 

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