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Home News How to protect your data in your phone?

How to protect your data in your phone?

Ali Raza  .  Thursday September 02, 2021
 . Current Affairs

As Muslims, we have been facing multiple challenges almost everywhere in the world. There's hate, there have been targeted attacks, there’s been violence. Muslims are facing tough challenges and we need to make ourselves safer as much as we can. 

We need to ensure that this digital device you are holding in your hands right now is also making you safe. We have been hearing news about some apps selling the data of their users to third-parties. This is not just unethical, it also means our information is getting exposed and misused without our consent.

IslamicFinder has been very careful since day one about the privacy of your data. We have taken hundreds of measures to ensure that we make the Athan app secure at every step.

We had explained in a detailed video last year how we avoid collecting any data from your app.

On our side, we do our best. On your side, we want you to take some necessary steps to ensure that you are always protected and safe.

Our experts have shared some suggestions for all of us for every app we use:

  • Regularly change your password, don’t create the predictable ones
  • Always create a strong password that contains uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, special characters and minimum 8 characters long
  • Use only reliable and known email services
  • Never allow the apps to track your location all the times or in background (unless you really want them to track you, like a map or navigation service)
  • It’s okay to allow the apps to “track your ads” but it’s totally your choice. Tracking the ads will show you the ads of your interests mostly and will not show you the inappropriate ads. Because these advertisement companies want to show you the items that you are interested in
  • Don’t allow the apps to access your contacts, messages or your photos. If you are using an android app, you can always check the permissions they take in advance when you download their apps, so read them before you download. Only allow these permissions when you need to use them
  • Never share your phone number, address, work and family related information on the website and apps that you don’t trust
  • If you have to pay online, try the authentic payment services like Apple’s or Google’s in-app purchases because it becomes their responsibility to make your transactions secure
  • Always be very careful on what kind of apps and websites you should use. Use the trusted ones only and always check their credibility on the stores using the rating, reviews and other badges given by App Store and Google Play store

If you have any questions about the data or privacy, please feel free to reach out to our team at privacy@islamicfinder.org"

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