Athan by IslamicFinder is an App designed meant to be integrated in the daily lives of Muslims all across the world. It brings an all-immersive experience for Muslims, bridging religion with technology. The mission behind Athan has been to help Muslims navigate their everyday routine with convenience, regardless of whether they are based in a Muslim-majority country or not. 

Being the largest Muslim Community worldwide, the launch of the Community has made waves since its introduction. The platform itself is a world of opportunities and the people of New York surely marked it up in the best way possible till now. Currently, Muslim Community is operated by more than a hundred thousands users, only in NYC for the time being.

Hundreds of Muslims took part in the Eid Prayers due to the convenience of these prayer events created in the Muslim Community; making many aware of the places they could offer Eid Namaaz. Institutes such as Darul Uloom, Muslim Community Center and Zia Ul Karam Islamic Center were already on board!

Moreover, events pertaining to Ramadan and Eid were also showcased on the Muslim Community. This led to an increase in their popularity, leading many to take part in them. Ofcourse, this was all possible after this newly introduced feature. Some of the examples are as follows:

  1. Interfaith Iftar Dinner
  2. Ramadhan Event for Children
  3. Sister's Ramadhan Spiritual Retreat
  4. ICNYU 7th Annual Grand Qiyam 2019
  5. Domestic Violence Shelter Fund Iftar
  6. MANA Eid Ul Fitr Family Event
  7. Community Iftar Benefiting Disable Kids
  8. Iftar and Eid Bazaar 2019
  9. MusCare Eid BBQ

An outstanding response was received within days after the launch of this feature. Undeniably, thousands of Muslim living in NYC have found it to be highly useful and it surely is one of its kind. This is just the beginning and there is a lot more to witness in the near future. From events led by NGOs and Travel agencies to finding the best Halal restaurants near you, it’s all going to be there in one place; so stay tuned!

To find about all upcoming Islamic Events and Places, download Athan App now and don’t miss out on all the opportunities near you!

The author

Rida Ghaffar