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Home News Muslim siblings reunited on Hajj!

Muslim siblings reunited on Hajj!

Arshia Nisar  .  Wednesday September 27, 2017
 . Current Affairs

Performing Hajj is in itself a huge blessing from Allah (SWT) however it is always accompanied by numerous other blessings. But what if one of these blessings was equivalent to a miracle? Something along these lines took place in Saudi Arabia as two Palestinian siblings were reunited in Mina.

It was nothing short of a miracle when Bushra met her brother Samir after 15 years! Given the situation in Palestine, Samir migrated to Australia 15 years back. Ever since, the two weren’t in contact with each other. But this year, Bushra was a guest of a program hosted by King Salman whereby he covers the Hajj expense of 1000 affected families from Palestine. Meanwhile Samir had also come to Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj.

Samir was completely unaware that Bushra was also present in the very place that he was. When they were in Mina, Bushra suddenly spotted her brother from her tent and rushed over to meet him. Both couldn’t believe their eyes. It was indeed an emotional encounter for them as both were not even aware if the other was alive!

Samir used to be quite sad as he was not able to meet his sister but this sudden encounter was a moment of joy for him. He thanked Allah (SWT) and King Salman for uniting him with his beloved sister.

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